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According to my experiences, normal Chest mission filling makes different results with different provinces. Currently I follow 13-6 for normal chest missions. I remember more iron and food result with 13-6 comparing with 8-7.
Does any one has a logical explanation or its just my sensation. Right now I have a BLUE Chest mission and if it effects the result I should fill it in the high provinces as I can.

8-7 is the best level for Ice Chests. The chests fill based on the minions you face.

So you mean it doesn’t matter how quality they are

Correct, the fill based on the number you face not their difficulty. I don’t have images on me currently, but the best locations for each chest and farming guides exist on this forum.

Nope, not at all…In fact I just filled my ICE chest at 9-1 since it’s only 3 WE flags per round and I was averaging 10-11 enemies each time.

I have the details that you mean thx. Just looking to hear some experiences

This has been debated a fair amount on the forum for elemental chests. There is apparently evidence that the loot draw is actually done at chest creation, so the monsters fought don’t matter at all:

But there is also apparently some evidence that doing boss levels to fill your chest produces better loot:

Statistically, the odds of getting 4* AM are just too low for 500 samples to be considered meaningful in distinguishing from random noise (unless the observed increase in frequency is huge). I personally fill elemental chests at the cheapest WE per colored enemy place I can.


@frathoss is correct, there is no correlation between what enemies you defeat to fill the chest with vs. what type of loot you will get once it is filled, it is all random. For the wanted chests, we are just looking to fill them as soon as possible. Enemy per energy spent, 8-7 will be a better bet to get that ice chest filled quicker with your allotted World Energy.

As for regular monster chests, unless you are also looking for more XP / iron / food, and possibly other farmable loot such as Boots / Chainmail (that starts from P12 and above), 7-4 is generally even better to fill regular monster chests at 3 WE as opposed to 4 WE on 13-6. If I am short on WE, and generally don’t use WE Flasks, I’d go 7-4 every time, it just doesn’t have the best recruits drop per WE, 8-7 has that.


Here it is :slight_smile:

Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP

I have it since I found this forum a good one thx

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That is what I am seeing. Thanks for the effort. between 15k-20k food and between 30k-60k is what I get from comparisons of provinces.

Agreed. My personal opinion is that - just as certain offers come along at certain points, elemental chests are loaded earlier on to get you hooked. Again - my personal opinion.

In terms of your thoughts on harder stages equalling better loot, this has been proven to be false, the lvls used is irrelevant to the loot earned

In fact its the opinion of most, that chest loot is randomly drawn upon its appearance not at its opening

This has been tested by beta players mainly using elemental chests, some players who happened to have active elemental chests, when sg done the data sync for beta. Filled their chests on different stages and the loot was identical in beta and real game.

So the stage/lvl/province is irrelevant in terms of loot, the only deciding factor should be the speed it takes to fill the chest

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Thanks for the details.

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