Wanted ally è molto importante

I’d like to play in a top ally or similar :smile:
I am Italian and I would like to find a foreigner ally to have a new experience in terms of gaming but above all personal, I am not a mercenary!
You can leave me the contact below the announcement (telegram is preferable otherwise line) or directly the name of the ally if you have free places.
Thanks and sorry for my scholastic English :tongue: …I hope to have news soon…

Hero :martial_arts_uniform: : 21 5* max - 9 5* 70/3 - 30 4* max
Trophy (cups) :1st_place_medal: :4600+
Team power :axe: : 4500

That’s all :facepunch:

Hiya mate!

If you’re interested drop me a message at Guvnor81 on Line.

I’m a recruiter and leader in the We Are Groot family of alliances.

This is our forum page here:


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