Want to start leveling 3 star purple Chochin or An Windr

I am big fan of mana control . I can’t actually figure out what the heck An Windr power is . Can someone explain it or just go with Chochin

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Effectively An-Windr’s special skill is “stored damage”…

He casts his skill then waits… Then the final amount of damage he does to the enemy is based on how many “strikes” your team-members take while he is waiting

Between the two, I would definitly go for Chochin >>>> than An-Windr… AW’s main downfall is twofold. 1) his skill is too slow for the damage output and 2) chochin’s mana control is much better (plus more instant direct damage at a faster rate).


I’ll add a second vote for Chochin. For most players sorcerer seems to be the class with the most available emblems so you can emblem a Chochin up to make him even better.

Source: me having Chochin with 19 emblems


In my honest opinion I would focus on Chochin first and probably quite a few more 3 star before An Windr.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


So glad I am not the only one who has not quite gotten what An Windr is all about!

Chochin gets my vote too :blush:


My decision ended up as:

  • max Chocin
  • feed An Windr away

Chocin does some damage in a reasonable time, including nearby (not so common for 3*s), and has good defence too so stays alive long enough to fire.


I maxed An-Windr, and couldn’t get any use of him. He was my team member for long for rare events/tourneys because i had no other options. Definiatelly go for Chochin.

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@Guvnor can you close this please went to Chochin . Thanks everyone for the responses

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An-Windr is the only pull that makes me mad at Valhalla :rage:. A total waste.

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I actually just fed him to Chochin along with vlad.


This a cool thread.


I’m not the only one who don’t understand how to use An windr? Is there a utility ?

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Done per OP Request.

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