Want to make significant Titan damage

Actually the team I would choose out of those hero’s. G Falcon kiril Wu tiburtus skittleskul. Level them to max.

Try to pop Wu asap. If you can Ghost his tiles down the side, do it, unless of course you could stun with them. Then I will usually pop mana pots as necessary to fill him up.

He takes 10 tiles, un mana buffed… so each tile represents 10% of his mana pool.

One thing I just noticed is that unrepresented color tiles will hit for 1… no matter if Wu’s special is active there is no chance for them to miss… so while they don’t do any real damage, they DO become powerful tools if you need to stun.

Wu Kong? What about miki! The HOTM 5*?

Wu Kiril combo in that order is 240% attack. Kiril Wu is 85.5% attack.

Miki is great. I got him on baby account. Just not in main account. Miki is awesome. I heard 100k titan hits are possible with him.

185% of 1 is 2.85. Not worth the time for a very minor amount.

Miki did not exist when the initial advice was given on this thread. He is August 2019 HOTM.

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Tiles deliver around 70% of the damage.

When your board turns bad

Best way to get the most consistent high damage is to color stack the opposite color of the titan but also use wu Kong as your specialist then use a hero the minuses defense like a tiburtus then use boldtusk to increase attack and heals as well then the other 2 heroes color stack

For battle items use bear attack for increase attack that will stack with boldtusk giving you big boost in attack then use dragon attack , minor or major mana and have axe or arrows and use all those combinations and you will see your damage to the titan have a major impact .

Hope its helpful info for you , good luck

Hi zizzzzy. I really liked the answers u gave. But can u help me out on my team and which colours to stack please.
This is my team. I want to understand which colours i can team with against which titan colour to hit max

If you fire W u first then Kiril you have +225% attack. Use W u with Bold tusk or costume Rigard you are at +245% that is the max allowed.

One thing that may help your #1 team would be to put a couple snipers or good flanks. You have 1 hero that the special does a decent amount of damage. Healing is good, but to much of anything is not good.

This is a tip I picked up from @NittanyLionRoar and that is in a Titan battle most of the damage is tiles and you only need one hero to be left standing at 90 seconds to play all your turns. No bonus for all heroes being alive… One healer; focus on clearing dead tiles and don’t panic. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same question. I will copy my team below. I seem to vary from 8k-26k on one turn. I have read the above responses and try my best to stack against certain color Titans. I feel that when I stack 3 against that my board is trash! Any advice?

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