Want to join a fun and exciting alliance, MANGY MARAUDERS OF "NI" and Sister alliances MANGY MARAUDERS


Come in to the main alliance Mangy Marauders of NI, we will work it out from there. AKA Traggeter


Just temporarly, of course. until we have a spot free in MM2


Thank you for all your efforts. I tried to joined but I can’t because of cups.


How many cups do you have wicked I can drop it down for ya


Yes I’m in mangy marauders


Right now I have 1174


Backwoods is BWJ in Mangy Marauders of NI, you can trust him.


@xWicked85, i lowered the cups to enter Mangy Marauders of NI. Walk right in so we can raise it again. Stay with us until we have a spot free at MM2. Leaders are busy it seems.


Done, thanks!!! 20 chars


Finally there is spot free in Mangy Marauders II. Go right in, they will let you in because we notified the crew. AKA Traggeter


Just send the request, thanks for everything :slight_smile:


NP, Xwicked85, have fun in MM2


I also placed a message on Line to let you in.


You guys use Line? Going to have to install it then.


Ask your alliance members to invite you when you installed it. No presure of course.
If you don’t want it, you don’t have to.


Will do, it’s a better way of mantaining communication, I don’t tend to stay online if I don’t have flags to use (specially at work lol) so another chat is good to keep up.


Nice, 20 characters and 20 more


Don’t like your alliance anymore, come join us. Fun for sure.


When you join, you never wanna leave.


3 spots open in main alliance, join now before it is full.
AKA Traggeter