Want to join a fun and exciting alliance, MANGY MARAUDERS OF "NI" and Sister alliances MANGY MARAUDERS 1 and 2 are a place to be. "3 places open in main alliance"


Come and join us. Few places open. you won’t regret it.


Join us, nice and supportive people here


Join our alliance, you will not regret it.


A few places to be filled, come and get it.


come in to our alliance and enjoy.


Come and join us, you won’t regret it.


Join our alliance, just a few places free.


A few places to be filled, come and get it.


Come and get in for experience and fun.


They are a lot of people that act like high schoolers on here. Does your group act like adults no offense intended


no high schoolers here, mostly all adults.


experienced people too, with a lot of fun


leadership primerly all adult.


Come and join us, fun guaranteed.


Are you planning to join us?


you’re always welcome.


Come and join our alliances, great support and fun.


Our alliances are open, come right in.


Come and enjoy our alliances.


Enter one of our alliances, you won’t regret it.