Want to fight 9 and 10* titans? Global Titan Slayers vacancies


We have two spots. For active players, at least 1000 cups since we are moving up the Titan chart! We beat 8* easily, 9* with a bit of work and getting our first 10*… so far 1/2.
We require daily Titan hits and full war participation, but understand that RL sometimes intrudes, so are Ok about that as long as you tell us.

Apply now. Or line PMC if you want to chat first

Looking for an active chatty alliance
I'm looking for Alliance with active players. 2300 trophies
Looking for a new alliance now
Recruit me

A Clear understanding
Who we are:

  • A hard-working, fun-loving team. We help each other a lot.
  • We share ideas, strategies, suggestions, and secrets.
  • We smoke 8* Titans, we kill about 2 out of 3 9 s, we have a 10 at times. We are continuously improving these stats!
  • We have 1000 trophy requirement, however we will consider giving lower cup trophy if you are very active in trying to lvl up.
  • You must hit every Titan.
  • You must use all 6 War Flags.
  • You must improve. That’s it - those are our rules. We will help you with all of them!
  • We have offline discussion in Line where we post tips for anyone who join us
  • we understand Real Life Situation happens at times so long you inform us earlier we are able to bend our rules for you. :slight_smile:
    If you have any questions - line our leader - PM229 or post here. we will assist as soon as possible! :smiley:


Another spot open!

we are a very active and committed alliance which take all event - however we do give grace if you are down with RL event.

New or veterans are all welcome - most important you have to take part all events as we are growing steadily. have any questions? Feel free to post it here will get back to you as soon as possible. :smiley:


Another Spot has open!

We are moving up hitting 9* Titans ~ Killing 10* at times and Smoke 8* easily!
As our members are getting committed on all events - it will be lots of fun!

No real pressure on getting high damage / score for all hits - most important is the effort being put on this game, RL is always first place for us so let us know if you have any issue we will gladly give you time to finish your RL first.

New or Veteran? Just drop us a reply and we will get back to you soonest!


Spot still open!
Contact us through here!



Hey do you still have space? Currently at 2960 Team Power and 1537 crown. very active player in wars/titans


line id: edmister35


Yup, we do have space for one at the moment.
as highlighted in our requirement - we need you to take part all events.
if you are ok then come on in! you can look up our alliance and will accept you shortly. Cheers!



Apologies for the delayed response-- I have been away. No, sorry we are currently full. But just keep an eye out for when we next have a vacancy-it is a great group


We have a new vacancy. A long standing member, over 18months, is departing the game. We are a truly global alliance with members from over a dozen countries. About us:

  • Friendly, but if you don’t want to chat, that’s ok too
  • currently killing 9*, reasonably easily, some 10* and we have seen our first 11*
  • so, some experience is needed. We have a cup limit of 1000 but a guideline of level 25 minimum is about what you would need. We are happy to help you grow further
  • expectations to hit each Titan and use all war flags.
  • we understand RL sometimes makes participation difficult. Let us know in advance and we are OK about it
  • we have Line with resources etc but it is not compulsory to join it.

So…next steps? Reply to this thread or contact me on Line PMC. Our member is still listed but will leave as soon as someone is interested. Enjoy!