Want an elite alliance? XTREME PANDA

This page is now obsolete. Please see our new recruiting post here: XTREME PANDA - Join our (short) waitlist! 12-Star Titans, 86-33 AW Record

Hey everyone, the spot has been taken. Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

Wow your 2nd paragraph is like you’re speaking directly to me right now! Lol 3600 team power. Level 34 and top of my alliance stuck on 7/8*. I have been there for along time but have started to realize I have outgrown my alliance.

Glad you found someone! :blush:

@Dawnsky If you friend me on discord, I will remember you for next time we have an opening. My discord name is listed above.


@dawnsky I might have something for you. We have a spot opening soon. 120k alliance (~200th), 8/9* titans verging on 10s.

We’re called night whispers, search us and check it out. If you have line, my name is docprofit there too.

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@Dawnsky We have another opening if you would like to reach out to us. Search Xtreme Panda and request to join. We won’t hold the spot, so you’ll have to beat everyone else to it.

This is also a notice to anyone else who would like to join that we have an opening. Please see the details in the opening statement to see if you’ll fit in.

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Just dropped you a request on site.

Okay the spot is filled. Thanks for your consideration everyone.

This makes me sad. You need some 4* heroes. Like namely BT, Falcon, Kiril, Grimm, Wu, Jackal, Tiburtus, Merlin, Rigard, Peters, Caedmon. And there are plenty others that would help fill out your teams for alliance wars. I can only imagine the $* and 5* heroes eaten in your growth.

Hey everyone, we have a new opening! We won’t hold the spot so reach out to us quickly if you would like to join.

UPDATE: We are looking for a player with 3,800+ team power and a deep roster to handle the 10+ star titans we’re facing and the top-50 alliance war matchups we’ve been getting.

Thanks for your consideration, everyone. The position has been filled.

Hey everyone, we have a new spot open, please see the original post for info!

Join now! There’s only one space open.

:panda_face::panda_face::panda_face: We just started a sister alliance for people who want to be with other active players! Search and join “Xtreme Ninja Cub” and join us on discord: https://discord.gg/nGCnV57 :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:

We have 2 openings for competitive players who are ready for the lime light! Join discord and search us out in game.

1 opening (we are reserving two spots)

One new opening! Request to join now!

Xtreme Panda still looking for 1 possibly 2 after this mid week war. These are permanent positions in our alliance. Help keep us in top 50. Have fun and come cuddle with some pandas. Best to get a hold of us through discord. We are full for war, but if interested, let us know and well save spot after war. thanks for looking

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