Want an alliance with active members? Join Xtreme Ninja Cub!


Be a part of something new! Xtreme Ninja Cub is a brand new expansion alliance, part of the top 50 Xtreme Panda family, and we’re building it from the ground up. We are now recruiting so search for us in game and join us on discord: https://discord.gg/nGCnV57

We are looking for you if you’re an active player who can commit to:
(1) Hitting every titan
(2) Using all of your flags in alliance wars
(3) Growing to become a stronger player

Players who tend to do best in the Xtreme family originally came from lower or mid-level alliances where they were at the top but were frustrated by other players not hitting the titan, others not progressing, or whose coordination in AW was not effective. Or, you just want to hang in a fun alliance that’s free of drama.

I would be glad to answer any questions you have and look forward to hearing you. Thanks!


We heard from a few people who would like to join after the weekend war finished. The gates are open! Join a fun group of players who are building an active alliance from the ground up. Search “Xtreme Ninja Cub” in game. See you soon!


Excellent…we’re half full already! 15 spots remain, search Xtreme Ninja Cub in game and reach out to us on discord. :panda_face:


Over halfway full, spots open and wrecking titans! Apply today!


That picture is on point… love it!!


Hey everyone, I’m Disco35 the leader of Xtreme Ninja Cub. If you are looking for an active, friendly alliance with a great community behind it look no further! We are still recruiting and looking for new members to join the Xtreme family. If you are interested join the discord link and say hi. We’d love to have you!


If you’re interested in helping build an active alliance from the ground up, you’ll have to hurry. Xtreme Ninja Cub is filling fast…only a few days old and already at 22 members! 800+ cups.


Great response everyone! It’s filling up with quality player fast…join before it’s full. War pairings almost here.


You have 15 openings? Gosh


@Seanpease77 not anymore. One spot left, so hurry.

…just a quick note, we have a couple of Xtreme Panda members visiting with Xtreme Ninja Cub, so after the weekend war we can make that space available for a couple more new recruits.


Oh I’m fine I’m not going anywhere… just seemed like it would be just as easy to disband as it would to fill


Hey everyone! Now that war is over, check out Xtreme Ninja Cub … just a few openings!


Hey everyone! I’m one the coleaders from Xtreme Ninja Cub. XNC is still under 2 weeks old, and already fighting 6* Titans. We’re undefeated in Alliance Wars, have a great culture, and love supporting newer players to help them grow. Check out our discord (in original post) and I’m sure you’ll see what makes us a fun and competitive alliance! Look forward to hearing from you!



Hey there!! I’m one of the coleaders in Xtreme Ninja Cub! We’re a fun friendly alliance! Looking for new players to come grow with us! We haven’t lost an Alliance War and are annihilating 6* Titans! Come join the fun and grow with us! :grin::grin:


5 Spots left, now taking on 8* titans! Join up :slight_smile:


Just won another war! Cubs have 4 open spots to fill, and are more than happy to help out newer or less experienced members. Check us out! Search Xtreme Ninja Cub, or even better, check out Discord! (In NLR’s original post) Look forward to hearing from you!


3 open spots left! Come on in :slight_smile:


I’ve only been playing 40 days already 2500 team. Over 800 trophies have had over 1000- hard to maintain- belong to an alliance with only 5-10 active players depends on the day. Looking for a good group to join.


Hey J-Roc, we just had an opening come up. If you’re still looking, check us out! Xtreme Ninja Cub in the Alliance search, look forward to hearing from you!


Got two open spots. Apply today!