Want a competitive alliance? 11 & 12* Titans, 49-5 AW record - XTREME PANDA


We currently have one opening - looking for a diamond player. We are currently on a 26-war win streak and haven’t lost since May, 2018. We have achieved consistent top 25 status when at full strength…so join today to put us back in the top 25!


Hey everyone, we’re about to make big changes to our alliance to push us into the top 20! In the coming weeks we’ll be implementing performance standards to make ourselves truly elite. Please join if you crave the push to the very top!


Two spots are open for players who are ready to join an elite alliance! See initial post for current details.


We’re now 49-5 in wars. Join now!


Xtreme Panda’s a great alliance. I bowed out because I just don’t have the desire to push being a top 20 Alliance.

If you’re looking for a top spot with no drama, give them a go. The Xpectations are made clear on Discord, and obtainable while still living life.


Thanks @Esox ! Here’s a recruiting video for anyone who is interested: https://youtu.be/A4YoewsnxnI