Wakanda Forever Alliance Needs 1 active PowerHouse Member


We have a 99% participation rate and active in war!!

We have an awesome team and we are growing stronger and stronger everyday.
If you are looking for a home with minimal pressure and very little chatter so you can concentrate on growing your Heroes than Wakanda Forever is for you.

I don’t require much from you. We do have a loyal team but we adult in real life so life happens. If you don’t hit the titan every day, it’s ok… but after several days, there is a problem. I’m sure you had to work, or pick up your kids or go on a date with your mate. Real life over virtual reality!! HOWEVER, the collective actively play the game so we expect other active players to help take us to the next level. The purpose of a team is team work. We are currently fighting level 7 titans

We don’t have any drama or madness that I have heard about in other alliances. 0 tolerance!!! Too grown for the BS. Too grown for the gaslighting, gossip and petty BS. I don’t deal with it in real life and refuse to accept it online!!!

****I do kick after 5 Consecutive days of not logging into the game. I kick also if you log on but DON’T help us hit the titan. The purpose of Wakanda Forever is to have a place for progress in actively growing your Heroes while gaining loot to help your heroes ascend.

I have 1 spot available. 1800 Trophy requirement. Search for Wakanda Forever, leader is myself, Phoenix Nubia. The first photo is a shot of my strongest team.
The next set are photos of our great team and our fire power. Don’t under estimate us or ‘sleep’ on us. We are strong and getting stronger everyday. #Top100insight!

Hi @Misslaree

Does your alliance still have spots open?

I joined an alliance a couple weeks ago with little research and am regretting it. Below I’ve copy/pasted in a reply I just posted on another thread regarding why I’m looking for a change. If you have a spot for me I’d love to join you guys!

I’m in and out of Gold level for trophies so I think I would fit into your team.

Quote from other thread:

Well, I have been participating on the alliance I joined but it seems a bit haphazard from a leadership perspective and the participation on the Alliance war front seems lackluster. There are currently people with 5-6 flags left on a war where we are down 600+ points with 8 hours left.

I suppose if the war is optional I wouldn’t mind so much but it is really starting to feel like it’s a mismatch for me. If we as an alliance are going to war we should all at least try. But not let people be counted as active war participants for matchmaking and then they blow off joining in on the fighting. Ugh.

I read about your alliance and notice your alliance is not participating in wars right now. Is that something that you guys plan to change anytime soon? I am definitely interested in fighting the titans so that is a match for me and would be interested in contributing there even without the alliance war aspect (assuming alliance war partipation is an eventual goal for your group).

Do you guys use the in game chat to communicate or are you using some thing else?

Let me know if there’s any additional info you can provide on how your group operates. I suppose I am looking for a tad more structure, opportunities to learn without it being too too regimented.

I am also pretty active in the game every day (telework from home everyday so I spent a lot of time in it throughout the day, lol.)

End Quote.

Please let me know - I can also screenshot my current defense team when I’m back on my Mac in a couple hours.

  • Robin

Hey Robin,

We were full when you posted this and I do apologize for not responding. Once we filled up, I didn’t return to this forum. However, a spot has come available. If you are still interested, please search for us and request to join.

To answer your question, yes we do participate in war. Thanks

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