Waiting for seasor four Five star hero

i’m here and playing this game almost 3 year. I have only 13 5 star hero. By which it is difficult to continue in alliance war. I think minimum 50 5 star hero required for alliance war. And i’m very sad about this.

They’ll come eventually. Do you have any training camps running at level 20? Those’ll probably be your best long-term bet for getting green 5*'s.


yes i have one tc20 but from this i have not yet a five star hero

It’ll happen. E&P is a long-haul game… gotta wait for the good things to come in. :smiley:

For reference, I’ve been playing for a year and a half, and I’ve only gotten one 5* hero from my TC20’s. All my other 5*'s (of which I only have 10 or so?) came from spending money.

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i have some 5 star including vela, sartana but they are comming from gems not tc20. i’m very upset about this. randomly i seen in forum and facebook so many gamer find double double double 5 star green hero but i have not a single one. lol. thnak you very much. Cylnthia. By the by where are you from?

Yup, it seems like the game’s RNGsus liks to give people certain colors (and lots of 'em!), and very few, if any, of others.

I’m in Canada, the Western part. :slight_smile:


Settle in, homie. Been here over a year and a half, and I still don’t have one. Got multiples in every other color. Been running 2 TC 20s constantly for probably close to a year. RNG gonna RNG. Emblem/costume up those four-stars, and have fun. Seriously, I’ve been running mono green about a quarter of the time in the current raid tournament, and I’m through to Friday with only one loss, which is rare air for me. Melendor +c20, LJ +20, Buddy +19, Caedmon +18, and Brynhild 4^70 has been pretty dang dangerous for me.


Nothing to worry about. It took me 6 months before I pulled my first 5* hero of any color. Was over a year in before I finally finished the rainbow. 20 months in and I still don’t have them all final ascended.

You don’t actually need a full 5* rainbow team. Emblemed 4* heroes make great substitutes in the meantime while you’re waiting on those elusive 5s.


Hi @salahuddin, welcome to the forum.

You’re not the first to post something like this as this game requires a lot of patience. Many people have had a TC up-and-running for a long time before they get a five-star hero. @Cylnthia is absolutely right about that as are @Noble_Weasel and @TGW . (I’m not known for my patience, either, by the way.)

Since I am bringing you bad news, let me add that your first five-star hero may not be the one you want. It might be the wrong element, or it might be a hero you’re not particularly fond of. My first five-star from TC20 was Kahgan, not my favorite red; while I would have been ecstatic with him a few months in, by the time I drew him, I had my eye on other, faster heroes.

Because I don’t want to end on a sour note, let me say two things that may help:

First, you can set up a second TC 20 thereby doubling your odds of getting a five-star hero. (Caution, I did this and my second five-star was Thorne :slight_smile: )

Second, if you’re saving your gems, you might consider using them during AR. While the AR draws don’t guarantee a five-star hero, there’s better three and four star heroes therein.

Finally, while it won’t help much, know that I and many others feel your pain.


Me too Cynthia , :blush:. AB here.

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I ran 2 TC20s and for a long time got mostly 3 and 4 star heroes. Then bam!! Within 3 months , Elena (twice), Horghall, Kadilen and Elkanen. Later came Khagan and Lianna then Thorn. I have many others but from pulls . It’ll happen, hang in there. Playing since April 2019.


It took me a year to get a 5* red. Then I had 3 in two weeks. Over two years now and still no Magni.

I get most of my 5* from TC20, hardly any from gems or coins or tokens. Everybody’s game experience is different.

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Thank you all lets see whats my destiny wait. Dear from tc 20 is it possible to get 5 star hero if I pull 5/6 at a time.


Can’t remember what thread, but someone did an experiment to prove that the hero is set at the time the training finishes, not the time you pull it, so there is no difference between pulling them as they finish or letting them accumulate. The odds of pulling a five-star are not explicitly stated by SGG, but the community at one time determined it was about 5%. Some have speculated that this percentage has been decreased in the not-too-distant past, but I don’t think it’s been proven.


If it makes you feel any better 513 days no 5* purples here. It happens especially if you are f2p. All you can do is increase your number of pulls. Either through playing more to get more tokens/gems, and recruits, training more in tc20, or paying fir more pulls. But this is still no guarantee they are just the odds.

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Hope those help

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Hang in there!

As others have said, it will happen eventually with TC20. Not necessarily who you want but it’ll happen.

Member of my alliance is playing almost 2 1/2 years, is level 63, have two TC20 at this moment and still doesn’t have green 5* hero…

Don’t want to encourage you, just wanna say it happens.

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