Wait Times...something needs to be adjusted


Way too much wait time to build stuff. Usually only get about 20 minutes of play time, and then have to wait several hours for things to be built or energy bars to come back up so i can do any quests/missions. Will eventually lead me to move on from game as its just not fun waiting. And im not adverse to spending some money as ive already spent 45 on in game purchases, but the game trys to suck too much money out of you via gems. The amount of gems required to skip wait times and/or replenish energy bars is just outrageous. You either need to bring down wait times significantly or lower cost of gems to skip waits. Its kind of ridiculous that at most times i have 500K in iron and 250k in food but i cant do anything as im waiting 20 hours for something tobe built. It seems to only get worse as you advance in levels. If it now take 28 hours to build a level 10 structure i cant imagine how long it will take as i advance from there. Why can you only build one thing at a time anyway if you have the resources?? It is a fun game but it is becoming too tedious to hold my attention much more as im just waiting…waiting…waiting…


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