Wait times on speeding up chests with diamants

Since I only ever get 3* heroes with saving up diamants, I started using my diamants on speeding up the chests which you fill with monsters and heroes, so I have more chances on getting the purple elemental chests. Sometimes I am unable to speed them up, there is a wait time. Problem is that I am unsure of the logic in the wait times. Is it because you may only speed things up so many times in a certain period or is the amount of time you speed up a factor here? Does anyone know?

I hope I used the correct game terms, I have the game language set to Dutch.


I’m not sure why there is a wait time…but now I want to try your method! :wink:


I did the same thing looking for ascension items.
I noticed that after you skip a given period of time you get a countdown until you can skip the waiting time again, and it’s the same one for all missions.
It seems to be a max number of wanted missions you can do in a day or something. Even if you just skip continuously one of the 3 options, you get the countdown to all of them.

I have no idea what the logic here, I guess maybe to avoid people misusing it? But since I’m paying with gems I have no idea what is the genius idea behind it.


Still curious :grinning:.
@Rook I thought everyone was doing this already? At least on the Dutch chat it is a well used tactic for the more experienced players. In the start you still need 3* heroes, so it is better to save up diamants.
Completely off topic: I trained my first 4* today :blush:


Someone’s gotta challenge us! :rofl:

Grats on your new 4*!