Wait time between switching alliances?


Hey. Sorry for bugging everyone with questions, but I have another one.

Recently, the Alliance I was in collapsed. All our top hitters formed their own group. One of them came back and invited me to join their group.

When I left the alliance I was in, I found that I can’t request to join any others. I can view them, but the “join” button is inactive.

I’m assuming there is a wait period between leaving one alliance and joining another. How long is the wait time? (If that, indeed, is the issue).


Never mind… I realized that’s not the problem. They’re full, and so I can’t join because of that reason. :-/


I’m not sure what size (level) group you are looking for, but Warriors of Valhalla are hiring if you are interested. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion, Rook!

If a spot doesn’t open up in this other group in a day or two, I’ll join the Warriors of Valhalla! :slight_smile:


In my original alliance all the top players left, including me. One of the leaders accidentally hit the wrong button to deny my request. Just a f’up. I waited 4 hours and I was able to join again.

Don’t know it that is an issue, just firing off my experience.


I’ve heard two hours, too.

Glad you got back in!


Rook is probably right


“Not necessarily…I could be arguing in my spare time.” :grin: