Wait on epic troop token?

Curious whether people wait and use these when special troops are available, eg., Ninja Tower troops? Or use them on regular troops?

I save them for magic troops but in the start I used to pull for regular troops sometimes

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Depends what you are doing I guess. When I was pushing troops to 29 I used them right away as the quicker I got to 10 feeders the better.

But now I’m there I’ll save them for Magic troops as I have 2 of each Ninja colour troops already.

I hoard my ETTs. Use them to get feeder troops during Ninja of Magic events.

Before these 2 portals, I hoard them and use them for pov: summon challenge.

Before pov started, use as received.


Tower troop summons offer 15% chance for 4* troop vs 10% chance outside of towers. Even if you don’t want the tower troops, it’s more (potential/theorhetical) experience per token using it during the towers


As a newbie who’s still struggling with what troops to keep and what levels I should get them to, I saved my tokens for the Tower summons so that I could at least be in with a chance to get some better troops that would help me.
Worked as well