Wait but..?

There’s the raid shield again?
I missed something?

Wait what!!?
Why that I never saw that the target has a shield on.
I think people with shields up should get an adjusted avatars in our watchtowers to tell they are on shields. And also not to be add in raid rolling system.

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Really you mock me or…?

I really don’t recall if it was cancelled and i never went in the shop for a long time :joy:

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I saw them available in the raid shop when perusing a few months ago… as far as I know they’re available for purchase…

Maybe they have some caveats added in like, can’t use in top 100… or you don’t show up in ranking list when shield is active?

Top 100 can’t use them


Top 100 with a shield up will be extrem unfair.
So they can’t … its a real war there
with every one to be killed many times per hour.
Poor souls lol.

Ok, i’m officially old now and don’t remember things.

Thank you son :older_man:

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Not even top 100. Can’t use one if over 2600 cups. The only place I could see them even being useful is if you cap out around 2500 or less and want to stay close or at least high enough to collect chest in diamond.

This morning was the first time I’ve encountered someone with a shield on. I tried getting revenge on them and couldn’t. Not sure why they had it on…they were only low/mid Platinum.

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