🐶 Waddles - 4* Holy / Yellow from Mighty Pets

I have 2x Waddles, I am almost finished maxing the first one and will start the second one after.
For those who have one, what would you do in my scenario - let’s say I have exactly 505 emblems, so I can take 1x Waddles to +20 for emblems and then the second Waddles will have 0 emblems on him, OR would you take them both to about node 10 each? (245 emblems each).

I can’t LB any of them, I only have 12/20 Aether 1 (but I have 53/5 Aether 2).

imo, its best to have one strong one and one you can slowly work on vs two so-so waddles.
I have two boldtusk, one fully emblemed and one with zero emblem. The weaker one will be a healer on the weaker teams for war. I have just replaced Leonaidas with Waddles fully emblemed. Most of the time boards are not good enough so that fast mana can help. I went with def and hp for emblems to make sure he survives to fire his special
Power: 784
atk 681
def 845
hp 1428

I was able to hit a C.Magni earlier today for around 350-400 hp.


Oh so you want to talk about Waddles my favorite four-star hero!!!

Let me tell you all about Mr Waddles:

•Amazing defensive capabilities as you can see.

•You can put him in any position.



Waddles SMA lasts for three turns and if put into effect, the defensive hero in which it was used against can either retain or pass on the shifting mindless to a another defensive hero.


When waddles delivers the SMA it is during the offensive opportunity or turn so to speak. However, when a defender during the defensive turn activate the SMA and either retains or passes it on to another defensive Hero, that turn in which it was activated, retained or passed on is counted as turn one because it can still activate again after being passed on in the same turn.

Because it is activated during the defensive turn, the counter in which that shows us the players how many turns of SMA are left is now off because it’s going off the defensive cycle instead of the offensive cycle. So now instead of showing you offensive opportunities remaining it’s actually showing you defensive opportunities remaining.

So if you see that it has two turns left you only have one and if you see only one turn left that means at the end of this turn that you are currently on it will be removed before the defense starts its turn and will have zero effect. Something to be mindful of and it’s something that a lot of people don’t catch because the initial SMA doesn’t have any issues regarding its duration.

Only one RETAINED or PASSED ON to another defensive hero is when the “turns remaining” counter is no longer valid and switches from offensive turns to defensive turns. Hopefully I explained that clearly enough but yeah he’s the dopest four star hero in the land and I love him he saved me so many times.

If your can’t Duck it…You know the rest!


Thanks, I took that Waddles as far as I could - I only had 365 emblems, I thought I had more, so he is only +16 for now but I will max him as soon as I get more emblems.

I just did another free pull and got my THIRD Waddles, do you think it’s worth keeping ALL 3 since he is good and not a hero I can get so easily? I have about 35 free roster space so that is no problem

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Then you can keep him and decide when space will start to become a problem :slight_smile:

The decision depends very much on what other heroes you have to use and current projects for maxing, what is your style to play (you prefer to use a variety of heroes or you are ok using duplicates of the same hero), but also what mats you are.

Usually emblems are important to make a hero viable in the meta (depends though at what level of play you are) and you mention you did not have enough emblems for one Waddles. For two more you would need 1000 more fighter emblems, this considering that you would not give emblems to any other fighters in the meantime. For me these are a lot of emblems, but you know best about your particular situation.


I need to use waddles more… But i think one could justify having 6 and using him in 6 war attacks. He’s really that good.


My playstyle is “do everything that is thrown at us in the game”, I enjoy every aspect and do everything (or as far as I can possibly go: IE tower events). I even enjoy raids and war and Wo3K - so I guess keeping 3 would be ok and use them in some events or Wo3K, for example. Can’t have enough for that I guess.

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Careful now !! Big up a 4* too much & they may try to nerf him !!! Sergei, Brynhild, etc. (I know they reverted but u know what I mean !)

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Agreed, but waddles is more of an offensive hero than defensive… And offense… Gets a pass usually…

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I like Waddles on Quest Events and occasionally in Raid Tournaments. Doesn’t factor anywhere else for me.

Now, I do have Bubbles now that I pulled in this round of Super Pets summons. If Bubbles works well for me, I might LB Waddles as a diet version of Bubbles.

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Agree, completely.

I currently have one completely finished (LB2) and two others in the wings waiting for materials but both will be maxed and emblemed eventually.

At the moment those are all my Waddles, BUT Waddles will be treated like Proteus, kept, cherished and fed (have four Proteus maxed although poor fella lost his emblems long ago as power creep sped past him).

I wish I had Bubbles but cats are unpredictable and my team is clearly not to his (?) liking even though I tried to make it appear enticing.


How do you use all the copies of 4⭐️ heroes like Proteus and Waddles? Just rotation mana ailments and sun via attrition?

Proteus was my mana controller for wars. Back then when S2 was the latest and even after S3 he was good enough that with emblems and double healers he could shut the enemy down. When the opponent was terrifying then 2x Proteus was often the answer, good tile damage and keep them apart so one ought to fire, that used them up quickly.

He lost emblems when we began facing harder defenses in alliance wars and with power creep making a fragile hero untenable and has not been used in war for two years or thereabouts.

Waddles, I expect that when I have three copies two may come on a single flag just like with Proteus. Much will depend on the mana control needed/desired.

These days I have many more 5* heroes maxed than the 30 required for war so only the most useful 4* come to battle but every single war has multiple 4* participants for me because some remain so incredible with their specials (war rules impact which of them, love G Jackal in Equalizer because he charges up so quickly again, Li Xiu can silence with the second costume or cut mana which is ever so handy in all situations especially Rush).

Waddles at LB2 is tougher than most/many 5* heroes so if you can get him there he is universally relevant. If only able to receive emblems it will be trickier and then picking the opponent will be key, but the shifting mindless attack is amazing and his hit & tile damage are good enough to justify the risk fairly regularly.

In war I see Waddles as a way to shut down one hero (often the one closest to full mana or the one I need to dump tiles into to improve the board) and the bonus is it may nullify a second or third hero too. He buys time, for the rest of the team to kill. His use is somewhat similar to Lepiota’s, neither is “the killer” but both are able to neutralize a dangerous opponent (different paths to the same means).

The duplicate heroes are also excellent for raid tournaments when the rules favor them.


I never even think about keeping multiples of heroes unless they’re the top of the top end of 5⭐️. Xiaotu was one I considered leveling up both copies because of the ability to shut down minions.

The only heroes I’ve leveled up more than one tactically were Bauchan (-10% mana to all x2) and Kvasir (costume+base synergy).

I NEVER use them as I intended. I keep them because feeding them would net me less XP than I spent leveling them up.

I’ve since gone towards focusing on blending unique heroes for the best synergistic effects for the situations.

I have almost 100 4/80 (or higher) 5⭐️ heroes. Only a couple of 4⭐️ 4/75s ever make it onto a War team occasionally.

Thanks for the breakdown!!!

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I am somewhere over 90 maxed 5* heroes, not sure exactly how to count costumes, would be over 100 if they count too.

Many no longer have emblems and I’ve been slow to LB heroes as I only wanted my favorites that I thought could age well.

In war I build teams based on the enemy in front of me and I hunt their strongest teams. Often a 4* has the special I think will help me win.

With the rush of heroes that SG has added I do occasionally find that I have forgotten what some of the 3* and 4* heroes actually do because I never used them in regular raids.

I have only one duplicate 5* maxed, that is Arco.

I have a few duplicate 4* (Proteus, G Jackal, Rigard & Costume) and Waddles will be among them.

3* I have many including Bauchan, like you, I also tend to pass him over these days (multiple Rudolph’s too).

I also find it “impossible” to eat maxed heroes.

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Waddles is universal and he can be used effectively with any combination of Heroes.

But nobody has mentioned is that his SMA ability takes place before firing order starts. This is nice because it fires immediately at the beginning of the defending turn and the SMA can be passed on to a hero in any position regardless of firing order.

If you use him against a fast or very fast hero, it is very easy to be able to tile dump that on that hero and if the SMA is retained by the hero you can potentially get a very fast or fast hero back to full Mana in time.

Affecting two targets in the same turn is pretty common for the SMA and three happens quite often actually. He does a lot more than buy time and if he fires two times within a few turns it is deadly so having multiples of him would be insane however I don’t do duplicates personally I rather have a larger ability pool to choose from but he’s my favorite 4* by far.

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Agreed, benne why I’m levelling a 2nd. I’d luv to pull Bubbles but got no chance with the insane odds !! Not had a new 5* since last year, apart from Horghall, Richard & Magni !!! & according to the odds they were supposed to be harder to pull !!!

I just LB my 2nd Waddles. He’s so great & so much fun to use. I giggle when I see that MA bouncing around.

Should add… I’ve always been a huge Anastasia fan & Waddles’ passive works well with her quick minion generation.

WTB spectate mode :crazy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I am jealous of your name.
Wishing freaking finish the doors of Stone…

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