🐶 Waddles - 4* Holy / Yellow from Mighty Pets

Just really diminishes the value of it if it doesn’t automatically move to another in my opinion. If you have a whole team charged and he just casts it on himself again it’s a waste really.

I just think it was intended to bounce from one to another…but we ended up in a world where we accept the target can also be a random ally of itself.


Though I agree with you, I think in the whole universe of things that do not make any sense in this game that we got used to and accepted, this one is pretty moderate and not that high on the list.

If u have Matilda & a bard hero, I’ve been using Zhabog, the effect is constantly shifting & resetting. It’s magical !!!


Interesting discussion. I would imagine it’s a 20% chance (1/5) for the target to transfer to themselves and youve somehow RNGd it by doing that 5 times in a row

Fwiw i would say 70% of the time I use Waddles the SMA has moved around the room (and saved me many times before, heck won me more battles than my other heroes combined)

Attack or Defense on Emblems?

Went attack, but frankly when I was maxing Bubbles I went for defense. I think you can defend the case for both ways, and neither one is bad or perfect.

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As much as I love this card, I hate how the mechanics is messed up.
After testing it in raids for the last 2 weeks, I am not sure how I feel.
He is not emblemed for lack of embs, but at 5-75.
I played him on a total of 67 raids on enemy teams between cups 2600 to 2900.
He fired 109 times in those 67 fights. So, the mindless though useful, is not as mindless as I want him to be. They need to calibrate the way the shifting mindless is actually shifting and not static.

Raids 67
Fires 109
Direct Kills 69
Mindless Landed 40
Mindless Fires on self 37
Mindless on another ally cards 3
Fights won after he fires 59
Fires lost after he fires 4
Fires lost before he fires 4

The “shifting” mindless attack would make much more sense (and be more useful) if it always shifted to another enemy, unless there was only one enemy left.

Most of the time when staying on the same enemy it times out without activating a second time.

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Even it did not shift to other enemies, the hero got hit will consume their mana. It is still useful. I only have two waddles but I want 5 of them so that I can have a full control of enemy’s mana.

But when the MA hits itself the mana is zero & by the time it’s full the MA is gone. When it shifts there’s a very good chance the recipient already has mana or sometimes is ready to fire & gets hit by MA !! It’s happened once for me & it chained thru 3, constantly shifting, but 98% of the time IT IS NOT SHIFTING !!! SG please take note !! You have stopped listening !! If you were event listening in the 1st place !!

Actually, yes, a couple of years ago they were on the ball & did listen but as the money grew so too did the greed & reluctance to accept & resolve problems.

Firnkrall, no, he isn’t unbalanced at all; he’s just a few years younger. Normal powercreep, that’s all. Great hero, i love him!

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I am liking waddles more and more, just went against a team with 4 Styx heroes and Waddles ripped through all 4 of them, need some other damage dealers to help, but he has made a number of raids against some pretty powerful teams seem easy.

Thanks for the numbers here. Especially in the last event, the mindless seemed to always target the same hero. I’ve had better luck with it shifting in other parts of the game, but I don’t think it EVER shifted during the Musketeers event.

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Not sure if this is a bug but I searched for mindless attack and accuracy, mindless attack and blind, etc and didn’t see anything. I used Waddles and Joon together so the enemy, in this case a boss in the tavern of legends, had shifting mindless attack and accuracy ailments. The mana charged, mindless attack triggered, and he missed! So it didn’t do damage or shift to the target, and then even if this happens on the first turn of the duration, since it missed, the ailment disappears.
Again, not sure this is working as intended, but if it is, just a warning to not use Waddles with an accuracy ailment (and by extension against teams using a hero like wu kong with the accuracy reduction)

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Yup, this happens. It’s kind of funny when it does. I mean I’ll take Drake Fong and Lord Loki, so I’ll deliberately blind Alfrike in case I can’t copy her in time. But if I do copy her when she is blinded, it’s kind of interesting to see her miss her slash attack. At least she loses her mana which is most important.


I use waddles with Zhabog. To reset the SMA.


Don’t forget to throw Matilda in there too for another refresh chance !!! I know there’s 5* bards but they’re beyond me !!