W3k is for the whales only now

Wouldn’t it make sense to either lower the number of attacks (and increase occurance) or to maybe make w3k for only those that spend over $10k per month? Or 1k for that matter lol

W3k is a perfect example of how they broke the game…

:joy: you guys 20 character


You are so wrong. It’s based on your roster, teams with stronger heroes are paired with teams of similar strength. Your frequent posts complaining about whales over and over have slowed down a bit. Can we keep that trend going?


Nah F2P here and W3K is the one of the easiest PvP. The trick is to not LB1/LB2 all your heroes and stay back a bit. Most of my opponents are 4700-5100 and older heroes. Much prefer it to war where most are 6K+

Yes, this will now handicap regular PvP but there’s no fixing that without spending a ton anyways.


I definitely don’t find this W3K as fun, all the enemy’s defences are 6300+, all LB2, all you’re typically annoying, horrible heroes that you would skip for raids, but now I have 100 of them to pick from. From 6 flags I only score 126 points, definitely my worst so far.


Why? So you can make another thread complaining about whales?


That magic +% for the subsequent attacks really helps. I’ve won 8 of 9, and am in a warband rated 454, so reasonably high.

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Picture of me swimming with whales, I hold my own :+1:


Strongly Disagree
W3K is certainly not only for the big spenders. I think what some people are overlooking is the fact that most people have double limit broken 5 heroes that they put on defense and might have one or 2 more limit broken but that’s it. Anyone rolling with a roster full of LB2’d heroes will be matched with other with LB2’d hereos. I think the main problem for most is that you can only use that nice shiny LB2 hero once and you have 12 attacks.

The fact that your heroes get bonuses the more attacks you’ve had surely makes things easier for those without 60 of the latest and greatest heroes. Attack number 12 could be done with all S1 heroes who would be monsterous with the bonus in effect.

All in all, it’s a lot easier for those who don’t want to mortgage their house to complete.

I do agree that the whole thing is a complete mess and if they insist on keeping this going then where is Monster Island??

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:


I really wish there was some sort of ban on trolling for posters who incessantly start threads that are at best inaccurate, or worse intentionally deceitful.

I’m sure you could with–little effort of your PI skills–find all the OP’s misleading threads. I still remember the one about how, despite playing for years, he could only level 3 heroes per year.



It’s just Brano. I don’t wanna be mean so I’ll refrain from commenting further :laughing:

From the number of unused flags per W3K I think many players have already lowered the number of attacks.

And now that it’s only for Wales that number of unused flags can only go up.

I used all my flags so far but I don’t get why all the opposing teams defence are 6.3k+ ? I only have 6 teams that are just barely above 5k all the rest are of my teams are below 4K some 3k :rofl:

Seems like every opposing tank I’ve faced is Luna (gosh, I wish I had Luna) :star_struck:

Not complaining mind you I still think W3k is fun :blush: even tho I feel like an ant among giants.
I sux so far but hopefully will do better next time :relieved:


I used all mine, I should be no.1 but I guess it’s a bug :grimacing:


Don’t try that on Match.com


Okay I won’t and definitely won’t put my header as seeking whale, actually I really shouldn’t do that!


I have opted not to put my hilarious response in concern of being put in Forum Timeout


:rofl: and must enjoy beaches!


I’m definitely not scoring points with any hot female whales right now!