Voted best new alliance! Bandersnatch CC

We are the newest and top alliance in the bandersnatch family. What seperates us from other alliances is our culture and our social atmosphere. Expect great conversations and a well managed discord server :smile:

Bandersnatch Champions cup (CC) :trophy: was opened as we have been running 2 alliances for months with a long waiting list. Wait no more! We have put 18 of our best players into this new alliance as we chase for the top. We have 12 openings currently and have 2 full alliances behind this that we will be promoting from when others are ready.
Quick hits:
We are going for 2nd tier harpoon loot multiple times per week (monday & friday) on 9*/10* titans. I estimate with 12 more players we will be in the top 500 easily and hitting 13*/14* titans.
We use our alliance family War Strategy and tote a 8-1 war record. Expect players committed to winning every war that have the teams best interest in mind over personal stats.

Requirements to get in:
Must be able to craft harpoons, 2400 cups, and a war defense of 3800.

find us in game at Bandersnatch CC or message me on discord MarkNizzle#6221

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