Vote to Remove Raid Torni results from Raid Win Streak total

I am starting this new feature request to remove the new Raid TORNAMENT wins and losses from being part of our Raids Win Streak Counter Amount.

Our win streaks is a feature which is earned hard work, grinding and having an option to choose who we battle against and the Tornament removes those options are we are forced to battle who ever comes up which we all know varies in strengths from really easy to being matched against much harder opponents thus removing our battle options.

Since the raid torni is based on uncontrollable aspects thus lossing is imminent thus every torni will basically reset our raid win Streak amounts to zero upon the fist lost battle which will result in either only every having really to players able to add to the total to nobody rarely ever increasing a raid win steak total again based on every single (mostly all) players lossing at least 1 battle.

I feel that for these reasons make requesting the removal of raid tornament totals from the win streak counter a legitiament request.

Vote for this to be removed ASAP. @Petri @EmpiresPuzzles


Are you sure they add to it??

@Zephyr1 do they in fact add to or stop our streaks??

I actually have no idea, I pay so little attention to that counter that I forgot it even existed.


If you hear can you give me a shout please

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It would be possible but a little tedious to test it, I’ll ask the Staff about it.

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Thats what i thought about testing it. Thanks that would be best way

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I only know because i was actually in the process of increasing my raid win streak amounts by picking and choosing which raids I was doing thus battling against those I could actually win and thus hadn’t lost a raid and then yesterday noticed my counter stopped accumulating wins.

Thus the only reasonable explination for this is that the raid torni losses have taken affect as every win prior to the torni was being recorded.

I have also done/won around another 10 raids since this post and none are recorded and I haven’t lost a raid other than in the torni which now means I have to re-win all my current amount of raids AGAIN before any new ones show up thus also meaning that for this not to happen again I would need to forfeit future torni’s .


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I see this mistake frequently so I’m going to start mentioning that it’s “tourney” not “torni” from the original word, “tournament”.


Actually Torni is also used here in Australia as a slang to that word which is probably why you see it often,lol


From my findings so far YES.

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Actually, you aren’t technically forced to battle whoever comes up. If you don’t want to ruin you raid streak, you can choose not to attack that person, and stop attacking for the tourney.

Yes, I know, that would suck to basically quit the tourney, but if you’re that concerned about your raid streak, pick and choose your raids. :slight_smile:

A probable reason why it is considered as part of your win streak is because tournament battles contribute to raid chest. So removing one, might result in the removal of the other. And at this point I would prefer to have my raid chest fill faster. :slight_smile:


Exactly my point, personally I don’t see value in wining / losing streak record, but I tend to derive value from filling my hero’s chest faster…a contributing feature I found to be most useful in the tourney.


I really don’t see the tournament data inclusion as a problem, as long as people can and do have crazy win streaks from cup-dropping.

While I’ve never even considered my raid win streak stat, if it adds to some folk’s enjoyment of the game, that is good.

I agree it makes little sense to include tournament results when computing it. I don’t generally conduct raids with only 3* heroes, no reds and buff booster so such things seem about as relevant to the raid win streak as war battles.

So techically if the option is do this battle or get out then techically you are forced to battle what comes up if you want to continue competing in the torni.
That’s a pretty nieve way of looking at things.

I would tend to agree with you here but I sure could be separated in the coding.

Cup droppers are those have win streaks in the hundreds or 1000 and I see those types of players as being losers.

But not everyone is like that are they.

That’s exactly it, it’s a part of the game that does exist and some of use do enjoy working towards and having another oart of the game which you have no control over destroy that effort is not appealing at all plus also will make having this as a stat in the future pretty pointless if every week it gets reset to zero due to losing just one battle in the torni.

Someone from Australia should use that spelling on the internet where one could google it…

@Halifax it’s a slang word which means more than likely it isn’t recorded anywhere.

Please don’t lose any sleep over it.

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