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I would like to see a vote system regarding the leader role in a alliance, if a leader is gone for more then X days it would be great for the co’s to be able to vote for a new leader…

What if there is only 1 colead? Does that mean that 1 colead will still have to vote? What if there are no coleaders then? I guess those active members should abandon ship if there is no colead.

But if this was just plain democracy, then those coleads should compensate equally the alliance-creator of the gems spent in creating the alliance, right?

It should be automatic. Gone 14 days and leadership will pass to the next available rank. Just random assignment to someone that has been online in the last 14 days.

While a top alliance would want a shorter time this should work for the majority of players. We had to remake our guild close to two years ago because of a missing leader. It’s just weird nothing has been done about it yet.

If no co’s make one member a co of the alliance, maybe the one being there for the longest time? I see way to many alliances that missing a active leader, and new players stay in that alliance cos they don’t know they can just leave and join another one. If a message let them know they can vote for a new leader they atleast have a chance to get it, this without spending gems to create a new alliance, I know it’s not expensive but wouldn’t it be better with active alliances then alliances just sitting there with no chance to grow? I know SG don’t want to remove the alliance since someone payed some gems to start it, I jumped around before and tried to help the “dead” alliances in the game, but it was way to many and some of them was invite only without active elders, co’s and leader…

But the leader spent gems to create the alliance lol
I swear there is a similar request here somewhere. Maybe a mod will merge later.

It’s only 50 gems to create an alliance IIRC.

But yes, this idea has been mentioned somewhat recently, and I’ll echo here what I said there:

If your leader has been absent for a long enough time, the rest of you should leave and form your own alliance. Or merge with another alliance.

Now, I absolutely do believe that inactive players should eventually have their accounts “deactivated” - not permanently, but at least put into “sleep mode” or something.

14 days seems far too short to me, there are many reasons I can think of as to why a player might legitimately be offline for 14 days.

But I’ve seen alliances whose leaders have been inactive for 100+ days. That to me seems excessive. At that point, it seems fairly obvious that they aren’t coming back, at least not anytime soon. Their accounts should be temporarily deactivated until they return, and leadership of the alliance should pass on to the most senior co-leader (or elder, or whichever member has the highest rank and most seniority).

In the meantime, easiest solution is really just for all the remaining active members to take an internal vote, have one member leave and start a new alliance and all of your members move there.

It’s a fairly painless process, just make sure that you get everyone’s contact info just in case somebody gets lost in the transition.

EDIT: and yeah that will mean having to start over again with 1* titans. But should only take a few weeks to move back up to “appropriate” titan level for your team.

Compare that to an alliance with an inactive leader where nobody has permission to invite new members or change anything at all, so you’re all permanently stuck where you’re at forever. If most of you all intend to stick together as a team for many months to come, it’s probably worth the temporary sacrifice.

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