Vote on an MVP of the war

I think it would be cool If after each war everybody that participated could vote on an MVP for that war. Person voted as the MVP for each team would win some kind of reward. Maybe even a slot on the profile statistics page of how many times you were voted MVP.

There are some pros and cons to this idea…


  1. It’s really nice to notice when someone has done an exceptional job


  1. War is a team effort. Voting for one as an MVP is like saying the efforts by the others don’t matter (Yeah, don’t really care for the MVP thing in sports either. It’s always the flashiest catch/dunk/etc that gets it.).
  2. Based on what I see in sports, my guess is the MVP would be the player with the most points or the one that came in at the last minute to seal the win. If the high points player gets it, I can see those that put up 50 points feeling unimportant. For the person hitting last, that’s not something I’d want to encourage in war. Regardless, it’s a con.

I’m neither for or against this. For some alliances, it could cause discord. For mine, it’s nothing as we’d probably give it to the newest player on the field, or one that wasted 6 flags with their defense. :rofl:


This. Also, how is less contribution from a tank buster, though has scored few points? But those sacrificed themselves for the alliance. There are plenty of alliances using this strategy, tank busters and cleaners.

No MVP in war…


Alliances could run their own poll via line if they wanted to… probably turn into a popularity contest and breed ill feelings within the alliance…

I like the idea of an MVP… but execution of it would be a b!tch.


Agreed, it falls into a category of activities that don’t need developer implementation to be executed by the players

Game already shows top scorer on both sides

If anyone needs more personal recognition than that, there’s raids, events, & titans. If that isn’t enough, save a whale or run for president


Following your leader, aren’t you? :smile:


I have to lol I’m too big of a d*** to hang anywhere else


I like this idea. In my alliance we coordinate very well and everyone feels important, even if it’s “only” as a cleaner of damaged teams. It’s true that it’s the easiest to say that the higher scorer was “the best” but I believe that we as an alliance would be able to appreciate a player even if its not the one scoring the biggest points. In fact many times in chat we distinct a player who had a huge role in a victory and in many cases in was not the one who scored the best.
This MVP award is quite “exploit-proof” in my opinion, so adding this would only make things fun. However I can only speak from the point of view of my alliance.

If whoever gets mvp recieves a 4* mat of their choice, it has my vote

Not that I don’t like this idea but that will be abused immediately. Like bonuses for the best employee or such. Either the reward will go to the weakest member or it will rotate so everybody gets it will go or to the member who needs the mat to have six or so. The original idea would lose its sense.


Lol what? No we’d never do that. People and vote systems are always honest

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If that reward is meaningless such as profile stat then go ahead.

If the reward is an item, don’t implement it…

Is becoming AW strategist count toward MVP?


Honestly my item reward idea was a joke lol i didnt think it would go this far

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Sorry, what does MVP mean?


Most valuable player

Typically used in sports. Can be good or bad, sometimes it’s really the player that pulled off the win by doing what was most needed, other times it’s just a popularity contest

Idc if it gets implemented or not, i just think it’s something alliances can carry out themselves without putting more code into the game that could be buggy and lead to more complaints and issues over a feature that wasn’t needed


What if every member would pay in some battle items, which will be given to a random member, that used all flags?

Just as a little incentive to use every flag.

SG could sponsor some additional items into that WarJack.


Don’t worry, I know that was a joke.

There was a competition idea in my alliance that the player with highest cumulative point for few wars will get prize sponsored by a co-leader.

I was adamantly against it. Who want to bust the tank if that competition apply? Everyone would just pick opponent they can take by their own…


I think it would be exploited. Plus i assume the boot button is enough motivation to use all flags


That could be executed and executed well if done right but wouldn’t involve points but rather %s and averages. My biggest hiccup with that is trying to reward anyone with anything that isnt from my home country as it seems to be a pain


A+ on titans is a way to be MVP.

Alliance wars is all for one and one for all.

Tank busting > cleanup, usually in terms of difficulty but gets fewer points. How can the value of a contribution be fairly judged?

There’s no way to make the system perfectly fair and this it would always breed resentment.


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