Vote now to have 10 second timer before players can steal your W3K kill

Yes, for real life military but no for W3K. There is no highest commander in W3K.

That is main different why the military analogy doesn’t work on W3K.

In fact, even in the real life military with the highest commander, it doesn’t mean the highest commander have the power to control them (complicate politic thing, it depend on who listen to who.). Like king/queen, they are highest but doesn’t have much power to control things at all. So, I don’t think the whole military is one at all.


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Haha you’re right-, doesn’t really belong here.

Pleasure discussing this with you have a good day and don’t forget to vote :+1: at the top :wink:

You really know you want to!

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I feel compelled to ask this of you:

Where does winning the skirmish rank in terms of your priorities in W3K?

When I do choose to enter, I’m usually saddled with “teammates” that leave a metric :poop: ton of turns left on the table. I just want to win because the rewards aren’t great whether you get 100 points or 300 points.

Very very high

My issue is that literally if I don’t defeat an opponent, someone takes that team almost before the animation has finished.

I’m in W3K with players averaging above lvl 100 and the latest and greatest heroes.

They should be able to do their own attacks without hovering around mine


I can’t argue with that.

I think for best results, everyone should go at a fresh lineup with their best and perform cleanups with their weaker lineups.

One of the best features of W3K IMO is the scaling up of buffs for each consecutive attack. Makes it seem doable to win every attack…even though that’s not really the case.


Yes this is a great addition.

They just need to change the points given… the reward for clean-up is too high. But then, they’d probably overdo it and no one would ever try to clean up.

Anything like that or similar to mine would help

overall, I think this is the big issue. I know I don’t care if someone takes a clean-up left on the field for hours… it’s the hovering around and nabbing a clean-up that the other attacker may want, that’s the big issue.

certainly, if I fail to one-shot an opponent, I’m mashing the “attack” button as fast as possible for a second go, before someone else can swoop in…


Exactly that