(☑️ VOTE it's a win for every one) Give me more or make it less

I love this game 'coz i have so much going on in my life that’s driving me crazy and i run from it to the E&P but —> i hate that i have to wait 3 hours and 45 min to have another chance to attack the titans if it’s 3 hours to refill it all i would be more understanding but i get mad when me and my alliance did that much and i cannot do more 'coz i have less strong team , and i have to wait for every single one of it to refill 10 hours like for really and gettin high doesn’t make it easier :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Never mind, you’ll improve your titan performance soon.

Even if you’d have a good team against the titan, it’ll not be guaranteed to score high.

I’m scoring an average of about 100k with my flags every day now. Even though my last two flags were very bad (3000 & 9000) due to bad luck.

It would be cool to have more flags at lower player levels to gain experience and to improve the score.

Shorter regeneration times increasing every 5 player levels could be a nice approach.

10 to 15 2 hrs
15 to 20 2.5 hrs
25 to 30 3 hrs
30 and higher 3.5 hrs

Yes something like that will push me to do more , we don’t take experience out of it at least give me a good score experience, i had a score A and the loot was bad , the idea that u have is great … And thank u for reading and replying. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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