Vote for who is the best tank in 4* rush attack for all elements?

(09:30 UTC Saturday, 7 February 2021)

After 1 day of each element poll,

I think the result for top 4 of each element is very clear. So, I put top 4 of each element of each element all together and create poll to find who is the best tank in 4* rush attack for all elements?

I know Water tank isn’t strong when compare to other element. Some 5th of other element may stronger than 4th of Water but I create poll to find who is the best tank. I don’t think this have much effect.

I think many people want to know it and I wish this topic will be helpful for everyone.

Similar or the previous poll, before you vote, please read this (similar to the previous poll),

  • If you think there is more than 1 best tank hero that are comparable, you can vote more than 1 hero up to 3. (I open this option for you.)
  • All heros are sort by name. For any hero who have costume, there is 2 different choice, “normal with costume bonus” and “costume”.
  • All hero synergy do take account. Let assume that you have all 4* hero and enough emblem to +20 for all of them, what hero do you choose to be your defense team’s tank ?
    (Every strong defense team need synergy. Even simple defense team with 1 tank and 4 sniper, there is a simple synergy that tank block damage and sniper deal damage. This is why I say want all hero synergy to be taken account. You can also discuss about their synergy in this topic. That will be very helpful for other player.)
  • Best tank for overall board. In Rush Attack, if board is very bad, you will lose no matter what tank is and if board is very good, you will win no matter what tank is. There are good board, bad board and moderate board so don’t let the board effect affect you vote too much. I want to remind this before you vote.
  • Boldtusk(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Fire)
  • Boril(Costume)(Water)
  • Boril(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Water)
  • Brynhild(Earth)
  • Buddy(Earth)
  • Colen(Costume)(Fire)
  • Colen(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Fire)
  • Cyprian(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Dark)
  • Frank(Water)
  • Gullinbursti(Light)
  • Hu Tao(Costume)(Light)
  • Kashhrek(Costume)(Earth)
  • Kiril(Costume)(Water)
  • Li Xiu(Costume)(Light)
  • Li Xiu(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Light)
  • Little John(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Earth)
  • Rigard(Costume)(Dark)
  • Rigard(Normal with Costume Bonus)(Dark)
  • Tiburtus(Costume)(Dark)
  • Wilbur(Fire)

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