Vote for this! It's needed AW new feature request

Ok SG tells us that AW matchmaking is made up of top 30 heros TP, troops and titan scores and no one knows within an allience who actually has what and we are expected to work as a team.

My request is!

  1. when Prep starts all 30 top heros from each player should be visable to every other participating AW members of that allience so they can better work and help each other out when it comes to using who where.
  2. when the matchmaking scores have been worked out by SG and the opponents allocated we should be able to see those total scores which made up the matchmaking decision for both alliences.
  3. along with (2) these stats should show us the breakdown of what made those scores up.
  4. TP score of each member should be sticky over that team instead of having to click a button to see there to all the time or having to hover over them.
  5. it’s been suggested that we have the ability to allow or deny going up against an opponent.
    Why not have 2 or 3 teams displayed to go up against and the allience leader chooses one to take on in that AW instead. Could be added as an extra 24hr thing before the prep of defense teams.
  6. ability to see replays of matches in AW and for at least the next 24hrs after the AW’s is over OR make the replays of each match possible after the AW’s is over.

These are all things I feel are needed by players at this point of SG’s growing career and what players need to see to not only better understand the game but better work and help each other out as team mates.

These are not major requests because these are all stats that SG would already have and need to know how their players are doing so the only real implementation here would be to make those stats available to our alliences and players.

If you like and agree then your vote is needed.


This is already visible, just tap the ? next to you ally score.

And what if the opponent you choose does not choose you back/accept the challenge?

No I an talking about the total score which makes up the matchmaking which supposedly comes from strongest troop, 30 strongest heros and titan scores .
That total.

Well either thier is no back and forth just accept one and that’s it or as your saying it wouldn’t work I guess. That one needs more thought I guess, lol.

What about the rest?

That total is there. The war score which is shown is that. Even the win/loss history is already taken into account for the shown score, so it precisely what you’re asking. (except titan score does not affect it)

1, 3, and 5 are nice quality of life suggestions.
6 I think had some problems implementation wise.
All of these have been discussed before on the the forums, some more and some less. But still these are duplicate suggestions so not much to add to them.

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