Vote for November’s Challenge Event - Discussion & Voting

Glad to see the final results made public. Glad it wasn’t even close so it’s less controversial.


Congratulations to all who voted teltoc! I love all events and heroes, so I was a winner no matter which event had been chosen. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck to you all, See you in the portals :two_hearts:


Yeah it’s very similar to the unofficial votes too

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My vote won, but I considered changing it after the news of 3* and 4* joining hero academy. I was too lazy to look up emblem rewards so I did not change from teltoc lol.

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Wohoo! Guardian it is! Now, I just need RNG to be kind to me and reward me with Guardian Panther! :wink:


The outcome is as expected.

No pulls for me though. I have all 3 EDD heroes from this portal. Only one that I really want is Gazelle, but not worth chasing at all.


As someone who already has their share of EDD heroes form Teltoc, this is a disappointing but not surprising result. Perhaps I’ll try going for Gazelle or Chameleon on last day, but eh, would’ve taken any other event, personally. Ah well!

Nothing to pull for in Teltoc as have got all except Kong & Owl, who I don’t want / care…

Only benefit will be, since I plan to do Rare3 @ WE-1 for XP / items … one last time, bcoz 15x3 CE format is going-GONE … so an extra Falcon for the collection from free coins got from the farming will be FuN!

Good luck wishes to those chasing Guardians… I know the VALUE of Gazelle in my roster, who I LB & was my 1st 5* ! She has spoilt me to expect a WiN all the time :rofl:


It sad I will never be able to get great heroes like Lady of the Lake, Black Knight, Finley, Guinevere, etc.

HA is nice, but incredibly unsuccessful. I built it among the firsts and over about 2 years I got nothing from it :confused:

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Fantastic decision. Three and four star heros are a lovely treat to acquire, and I’d be sad of these classic heros became unobtainable. :gift_heart:


Without HA I would likely have lost heart, and I am far from noob. It has been almost a year since I got a unique 5* from anywhere else.


Read the thread they will all be available in December at the challenge festival which will likely return regularly.

And if you have HA you can already get the 5* in level 10 and possibly the 3-4* in the levels that cook those heros soon.

Funny ha10 has mainly delivered disappointment and a duplicate Anzogh for my only rare pull lol. I did get first Joon and marjana but I have since reduced their use significantly as well…

Glad some people have luck with that POS waste of ham.

Well, I am f2p so pretty much any non-S1 is still unique.


I know you can. I was the first player to finish the top level of HA. But as I mentioned above my success of getting a non standard 5* hero from HA is zero over 2 years of running. So that’s why I said HA is incredibly unsuccessful.

About the same for me I just happened to get one I had the only time I got a non season 1 in over a year running lol… This is why I’m looking more forward to 4* event heroes being added to HA… Need a jackal!

Why give it time when we already have Sergei?

Dear friend, you always keep us up to date! Do you happen to know what will happen to the event coins, due to the fact that old events are removed from the game? The coins that exist now, as you know, depict icons of old events. Will a new currency be introduced or will the design just be changed? Is there any information?
@Petri , maybe you can answer this question? I will be very glad to get first-hand information. :blush:

Event coins are the same in new events (Slayers, Villains Circus) and also will be used in Challenge Event in December. For example, I decided to save them for next month and I don’t pull in Guardians at all.

I think the coin itself will stay, but it might get a design update like what we had for Tower coins once Tower of Magic was released.
If I see a new design in BetaI will let everyone know.


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