Vote for November’s Challenge Event - Discussion & Voting

Imagine making pole via forums for 5k± voters for game with 1.5mil+ active players. Nonsense.


i voted grimforest x100
will make 100 new account tomorrow to vote again :rofl:

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I really hope you are joking lol… Are there any IP checks on this poll? Lol

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vpn, tor, plenty of solution
dont worry about that, if needed i will make 1000 accounts :rofl:

its funny they let only members here voting
thats so unfair, if we consider there is about 1M active players currently, we will most likely have what 5000 members at max voting here

cmon, should be a in game announcement and voting system to make it fair for everyone


Lol… Well I suppose I will complete it regardless for the emblems

@Petri If only 5* will be able to get in HA so I decided add new topic at New place for old heroes 3*,4* from retired events but I do not sure 3* 4* the plans are already agreed or are to be considered in any aspect…


This is a meaningless vote as 98% of the active players are not going to vote here. It should be added as an in-game announcement and the vote should be captured in the game itself.


Guardians all the way…so many good heroes and even dups are useful

Guardians of Teloc is my vote

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I agree that it would be ideal to have in-game voting for this, from what little I know of allotting software engineering time such a voting mechanic would be at or near the bottom of the list for putting engineer hours against since there are so many things that are more important to the player community and/or SGG.

I look at it as a nice gesture on their part since they could have just retired them after whatever challenge event was due to come up next. (Not saying the removal of the OG challenge events was a nice gesture as I’m not too keen on that but I accept that they are going to make changes to the game and usually do so without any input from us).


I am just tired with so much portals,.I don’t care what event will be so I will not vote, also and on this new portal I will not spend and 1 jem so I don’t care and for this one, and this it’s not because I have the heroes from this events but because of the odds, I don’t believe SG to put more than 1.3 for all this heros and this will be even worst than tavern.


Thanks for getting the ball rolling on that @Ruskin505. I’m also voting for Teltoc here too :wink:


I voted Gardians of TikTok because:

  1. Those 4* are useful for novice players;
  2. I plan to pull during Ninja and maybe Black Friday event, so I don’t want to be distracted by challenge event pulls, and I have Jackal, Falcon, Kong and Panter, so no incentive for me to pull.
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in my opinion it could bring the teltoc event and if it were possible to facilitate the percentage to catch 5* heroes, I think that with this the game would be more competitive and so whoever is starting now would call more people down if the game it was possible, right.

Loads of people are sad that the 3/4* event heroes won’t be added to hero academy.

I’m sad in general that SG seems to show no interest at all in 3/4* heroes and solely focus on 5*. With every event there come more 5* than 3/4* combined. Where is our second wave 3/4* from season 4? :frowning: (I know we are not going to get it)


I suppose it’s an admission that the old heroes just don’t cut it anymore and heroes are coming who will have EDD and put the old ones to shame. I was saving up for LotL, Black Knight and Arthur but I’m probably thinking with a backward mentality and should look ahead to much more devastating and game changing heroes who are yet to come.
Sometimes I think about the death of this game. It will happen as it does with every game. E&P has already far exceeded the average lifespan of a mobile game. They are looking at it with this in mind. Retiring the events keeps it from getting stale and players getting bored, it’s genius. It’s less work to create new events for players who are already captured by the game than run the risk of it becoming obsolete and having to create a whole new game and find a new market.

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Getting ice cream for a dessert after a solid meal is entertaining. Being fed with ice cream all day long for a year is not. They may have had the right idea there with refreshing the events, and maybe it was for the good reasons, but they totally dropped the ball on making the process fun and entertaining for the players. Making the whole endeavour like a gallop, totally not aligned to the game’s pace, was terrible move. This all could have been fun, if you think about. If the process lasted 12-18 months and not 4.

I pulled Motega, I was so happy. But I didn’t even manage to get set of darts for him (still 3 to go!) and he already feels old. Who’s Motega? We already got few dozens of new heroes since that took the spotlight now… heroes that you need to gut your mother & sell her organs for to even have a try at getting them with those ridiculous odds.


Having an actual life.


I voted Avalon… Would like to use those couple of pulls with a chance to get BK or LoL. :slight_smile:


I didn’t vote Avalon for the same reason. I would like to have BK (though Krampus replaces him nicely) or LotL but want to concentrate on Ninjas and possibly Black Friday Portal. Besides, I tried probably close to 200 pulls in that portal over the course of the game and no single Avalon 5*, so screw them.