Vote for November’s Challenge Event - Discussion & Voting

@Petri : any clarity about the availability of 4* event heroes via HA ?

I m speaking about the counterparts that finally how that are available in HA10.

IMO…Guardian of teltoc event heros are the one who can be used with other heros very well their edd synergy’s helps other heros to boost their power…

Even though i have almost every hero amongst them i feel others new and some old players who dont have such a usefull heros they should get chance to pull them…


HA10 is advance building so only legendary heros are retraining is available there…No epic &rare heros

With the old challenge event heroes being added into HA10, that gives us an extra 25 heroes added to the pool. With how big that pool is getting, hope we can see a non-S1 rate go up from 5% since the pool is getting larger every month or so


All those outdated heroes should be available at TC 20, not only on hero academy


I voted Pirates just because it’s easiest to complete with no red/yellow/blue reflection…

I won’t be pulling on any of those anymore. Heroes that were recently released made it obvious these old heroes are not supposed to hold the ground, so why bother pulling them now. SG killed them, buried, dug out, put on some make-up, blew the dust off, put a price tag and invited everyone to buy :slight_smile:

It’s only a loss for those who want a specific one but didn’t have chance to focus their pulls this year because of all the volatile event schedule mess up we had, with events being removed out of rotation unexpectedly.

These old event heroes really need a good ‘featured hero’ part in the new portal, better odds of pulling (like HotMs in new ToL), better chances of getting realistically in the game (other than current HA solution which is really sad)…

I liked the idea above that those heroes could just join every portal and become part of the ‘classics’ pool that can be pulled as a debris when you are hunting for something specific in new portals. But yea… apparently that’s not the plan to monetize on them. Like old HotMs, they are about to join a portal where there are 30+ premium legendaries to be pulled and odds to pull any specific will be so abysmall… featured once every two years… and strongest of them getting costumes in 6 months… It’s difficult to get excited seeing something like that down the line. These heroes might as well cease to exist in any portal than face a fate like this.


Tbh i dont like the idea.

The Only one event I haven’t finished yet is Pirates. So ive voted for Pirates for sure

About event heroes. 4* s like g. Jackal, g. Falcon. Lancelot, metlin, chesire cat, gretel,peters, baichan, bear, should be more available. If possible lol


Teltoc! And SG is pathetic due to delete that five events. They want only money form us for new cards…

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My vote is teltoc as well. Elemental defense down hero’s are worth their weight in gold!!!


I voted Fables of Grimforest because I love the characters from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.


I was able to vote.:thinking:

There was a fix to the voting issue.

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@Peazomanco, I think S1 heroes should be excluded from the Hero Academy as they are available at TC. I think so about Heroes of All Stars, not just 5*.


Yes pirates…i want of course…no way

Imagine making pole via forums for 5k± voters for game with 1.5mil+ active players. Nonsense.


i voted grimforest x100
will make 100 new account tomorrow to vote again :rofl:

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I really hope you are joking lol… Are there any IP checks on this poll? Lol

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vpn, tor, plenty of solution
dont worry about that, if needed i will make 1000 accounts :rofl:

its funny they let only members here voting
thats so unfair, if we consider there is about 1M active players currently, we will most likely have what 5000 members at max voting here

cmon, should be a in game announcement and voting system to make it fair for everyone


Lol… Well I suppose I will complete it regardless for the emblems

@Petri If only 5* will be able to get in HA so I decided add new topic at New place for old heroes 3*,4* from retired events but I do not sure 3* 4* the plans are already agreed or are to be considered in any aspect…