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There’s no real explanation for the vote button. Are we only supposed to vote for things we like? Does it apply to only the first post, or will my vote change based on how the thread evolves after I vote? What if I like the suggestions that have evolved but not the original post?

What if I think that nerfing the revenge arrows is a bad decision… Did staying silent count as a vote? I mean I get not wanting to add a negative aspect to the forums (like a - 1/+1 option instead of just vote) but it’s kinda hard to interpret how a majority feels when there’s only positive feedback as an option.

Ps I’ve only noticed it in the feature requests category which is why I put this topic here.

Then I guess you could create a suggestion “Don’t nerf the revenge arrows!!!” and we could vote it.

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Having two threads per topic wasn’t in the game plan for the devs, or if it was then that’s just weird.

Then again since most topics already have 7 threads maybe they just have up on a clean forum presentation altogether.

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Also, is the 5 votes on a timer? Do I have to only vote for the 5 things most important to me or after a week /month do I get more votes?

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I voted for this thread to indicate that I think it was an excellent topic to raise but that I believe it’s a nuanced issue that requires further input from all forum participants and consideration from SG before any steps are taken to change the status quo.

I hope that was clear from my vote.


When activated, the vote plugin appears to separate “Votes” for a “Idea & Feature Request” thread from “likes” for individual authors.

Someone on a cat forum creates the topic “Cats are awesome ( 20 characters )”. But then the third reply is “Dogs are better ( 20 characters )” and both the original topic and the reply get 5k likes each, it can be confusing since the software will show 10k likes.

With the plug in, if the topic then got 2k votes, the forum admin can see the idea of the topic has 2k member votes.

The dog person could create their own topic “Dogs are better ( 20 characters )” and it might only get 1k votes.

Likes are plentiful, they reward people being good forum members.

Votes are rare, and indicate things you are passionate about.

Votes would reflect you like the topic thread. Liking a reply would mean you like the individual author’s reply.

Some notes about the mechanic

Removing your vote to spend elsewhere

This is the “Idea & Feature request” that created the Vote button for discourse, but the implementation is different.


First, thanks for the in depth response.

So if I understand the thought process behind it all… Whether I like the op of a conversation or not, if I’m interested in seeing an idea of that thread take off I should still vote the topic in general. Because likes aren’t the same, if they see a highly voted conversation they’ll likely give it greater consideration…

And then we just have to rely on their ability to interpret our actual preference on the subject matter by then diving into the more liked responses of that topic, right? Or are you also implying they’ll likely disregard likes altogether and allow them to be a forum member reward?


They can see who voted, so I would highly recommend that any topic thread you vote for you add an individual reply.

This is the only situation I would ever recommend a “+1 original post” but ONLY if you disagree with some of the replies and ONLY if you use one of your votes for the topic.

Smart Devs will poll either the beta testers, top 100 alliances, General forum or all of the above before diving into coding a “brought to you by popular demand “ Feature request.


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