Vote best 5* nature hero

  • Lianna
  • Horghall
  • Kadilen
  • Elkanen
  • Alberich
  • Zeline
  • Gregorian
  • Evelyn
  • Mother Noth
  • Yunan
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Lady Locke

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you should close this topic and redo the poll… you can vote only 1… instantly…


@_John_Doe some members no like voting multiple times… for that I’ll
Add I vote :cry::cry:

then title is wrong… i would have voted for another one… but knowing i can select 5 and vote after i just started randomly… so… not ok…

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and it’s your poll: do as you wish; if they dont want to vote 5, then its their choice and period.

I mean legendary 5* not 5 hero’s

anyway title is missleading… vote 5 but when you click on one the vote is instantly cast and ‘ty, bye-bye’

i say this taking in account the last similar polls

my vote goes for MN not Alby :confused:

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Yeah I voted by accident, assuming this poll was set up like the other ones. Oh well.

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Tarlak should be an option for sure.

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Yeah…:thinking::thinking: Is he lost in the jungle or what? :slight_smile:


Fixed title.

20 :checkered_flag:

Too late. Already voted for Alby. He’s just one of the lot.

Kadilen is my best 5* nature hero.

Hide the results and it allows you to change your vore. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’m ok with my vote since Tarlak was excluded from the poll. :slight_smile:

Thank’s… 2day too busy with work… Thank’s for fix it

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