Vote best 5* ice hero's

  • Richard
  • Athena
  • Magni
  • Master Lepus
  • Thorne
  • Isarnia
  • King Arthur
  • Perseus
  • Misandra
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Alasie
  • Aegir

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Lepus 4 prez

20 wild slashes


Thorne and Aegir as nominates ? Huh ?
I mean, my knowledge of 5* heroes is limited, but it would be interesting to see unpopular opinions about them.

I think the OP was trying to be comprehensive.


Athena, Magni, Alasie. Honorable mention - Lepus.

Looks like 1 person voted Thorne so far…

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“Very surprised Aegir didn’t take it out this year, maybe next year”


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I’m guessing people who voted for Alasie haven’t played with Athena.


That was my thought as well, not that Alasie isnt great.

I voted for Athena and Alasie… I don’t have either but my impression is that Athena is a total stud, may be one of the best heroes in the game.

And alasie is just really good. Not on Athena’s level, but really good :slight_smile:

(And I voted for Lepus because I love the bunny rabbits. Even tho I don’t have him and assume he’s middling :wink: it’s like my Thorne vote :wink: )

I voted for all! Muhahahaha


Fire hero’s here

This vote system is broken and not fair. Some players have voted for more than 1 hero and other who didn’t knew that on only 1.
This should be 1 hero per player as you used the word BEST … it means 1 hero!


calm down, the poll doesnt mean anything.

I am calm … :peace_symbol:


I get the love for Athena but I like to be devil’s advocate

Putting aside mana speed, Athena’s special is way better - there is no dispute-- but being fast Alasie can one hit kill most average speed heroes including Athena in raid defence or offence after a few normal hits have softened them up.

Athena is like a hypo Grimm and is great for titans and raids.

My experience of using Average speed heroes in raid or war attack is they die 30-50% of the time on a bad or average board - so their special goes to waste. This obviously happens with fast heroes too on bad boards, but less often

It’s a bit unfair to pin this on her average speed but if Athena was fast mana it’d be Athena hands down (indeed if that happened she would be overpowered)

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My issy usually triggers twice or three times during raids, and she is slow mana. It all depends on how you protect them, and tiles of course


I think Grimm has a higher chance of winning than those two


I have both of them , i did vote for athena couse i found her more useful for titan hits and above average in raids , but that beeing spoken , alasie is a beast when it comes to raiding!

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It’s really just a choice on the part of the poll maker. You can pick single or multiple votes. If you’re uncertain of what kind of poll you’re voting on, you can check the bottom before you start to vote. It’ll tell you if it’s single or multiple, and if the votes are public or private.

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