Volume option for music and sound effects

Everytime I start the game (with my phone volume high), the effects sonds so loud. They give us the option to check or uncheck the effects sounds, but not only to put it lower(I can play without music but I don’t like to play without souns, and I don’t like to lower the volume of entire phone every time I start the game(I always forget to turn up the volume when I exit the game and is a probleme when I get a call, I don’t hear it if I’m not near the phone.

Sorry my english is so bad, I hope your eyes will not blead when u’ll read this.

I agree completely! I check on my game frequently and keep my phone’s volume low all the time because i like to play the game with sound (it’s rather boring without sound, IMO), but don’t want the phone to blare it at me every time I check the game. I also always forget to turn the volume back up . . .

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I came here to suggest this idea as well. I like sound but I use my phone for work so I can afford to have the volume down all the time.

Is there any hope for in-game volume controls?

Yeah it is a real need indeed. I like to listen to my own music while playing game and I like to hear the sound effects in the game but not as aloud as my music goes. So I like to level the volume of the sound effects down a bit while my music stays loas as I like. A volume setting would be great.

I like to create content for Empires and Puzzles but the sound is way too loud. I don’t want to completely mute the music and audio effects when I make videos, so can we add volume control to the settings please?

Here’s my channel if you want to see some battle videos to know what I’m talking about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4uy-r-rDbit8mhqgZPDRXw


I agree with Nittany Lion. I use to play the game completely silent because the sound effects are too loud. But now i am shooting some videos like tutorials, and i need to keep the sound on. The sound effects need a bit adjustment, or better if we have our option to turn it down and not left with only silencing it.

The game recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary and the players still can’t toggle the volume?

We need something like this, please. Not just an on/off button.

Any news about implementing this feature?

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