🕵 Vollermork – S4 Hero – 3* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Not sure which part you want confirmed?
Kvasir won’t interfere with vollermork. He only prevents minions, the target will still get fiends.
So for example bloody battle, kvasir - vollermork is a great combination, because the only way for the opponent to get rid of the fiends is spamming 3 minions to push it out (you can’t heal them away) and kvasir will prevent this.


Well what I wanted confirmed was whether or not kvasir can prevent fiends from being summoned… but I didn’t think so bc fiends and minions are different.

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Anyone emblemed him already? What path? Attack > health? Health > attack? Attack > defense? Defense > attack? Health > defense? Defense > health? Why?

He is paladin, and has already an inherently high defense stat plus the talent itself. Damage is based on the attack stat. HP of the hero does not affect the fiend, as it can only be removed and dislodged only if it has already sapped 16% HP worth of healing or thru minion summoners.

My thoughts would be to do Defense > HP > Attack due to ‘slow’ speed and his special not doing direct damage. That way he’s around as long as possible to place as many friends as possible.

This way he’d also make a viable tank for 3* tourneys–though maybe not the ‘best’ 3* red options, depending on your roster (Bauchan comes to mind)

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Yeah. I fully emblemed my Vollermork on defense>HP path a few days ago. I also did fully emblem my Bauchan for tanking purposes and noticed that the S4 red 3* hero has much better defensive stat than the Avalon red imp, but the latter has average mana and has much better HP. Since Vollermork fires as he is an average mana generating hero due to his passive ability, he will be having good synergy with Bauchan, whom I plan to re-emblem going for the attack > defense nodes.

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I completely forgot about Vollermork’s passive ability. Nice job taking note on their synergy

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Well said! I have been using him on an all minion team. He adds to all the chaotic damage the minion throw out.


Nice lineup. How well do Kvasir and Vollermark survive in a 5☆ arena?

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Haha Not at all! I have not been using them in the arena just for missions. I would make a change before the arena or defense.

I would swap Kvasir for Inari or Deliah. Vollermork i would use Elizabeth. Unfortunately, I do not have those three heros. Though I believe they would be great for bloody battle or rush attack tournaments.

How come Kvasir not stopping him of making minions? :woozy_face::thinking::grin::exploding_head:

Because his are fiends, not minions. Think Elizabeth and Hannah.


Kvasir blocks specific hero to RECEIVE minions, not CREATE them. Also, they aren’t minions.

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