Vollermork in Tournament

Hi there, i used my Vollermork in a battle in Tournament (Bloodbath), his special went off, but his worms were taking hardly any health off enemies, had about 15 moves (even managed to fire Vol a 2nd time).
This was the team i versed:

He does 32% damage each turn. Think about how many tiles it takes to kill a hero when you only have one hero of a color. Quick rough math says it would take 3x to kill.

He doesn’t do a lot of damage so it all seems in line with expectations.


I also used my Vollermork. Mine is emblemed to +20 defense and health path. The Fiends damage per turn is too miniscule indeed. Maybe because of the low attack stat of the hero, or maybe because the defense stat of the heroes afflicted by it have high defense and health stats as they are fully emblemed. He is also tanking in my current raid tourney defense.


Noticed the same - his fiends deal about 15 damage per tick. It isn’t gamechanging. They also block healing, but that doesn’t matter much when there’s no healing at all.

I don’t think he is the best choice for bloody tournament. There isn’t a bug here though, the card says the fiend hits for 32% dmg which really is that low.

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Eh? Mine deals 6 to 7 damage per turn per fiend. Or maybe I am wrong…


Possible that I am wrong also. Didn’t pay that much attention - 6 or 15 is same dumpster tier damage for me.


You also have to think of the other players def on heroes (right?) unless it is flat damage regardless of def (like a poison ailment).

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Yeah, think my mistake was the “32% damage” its not 32% of a enemies total health. :woman_facepalming:


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