Vois joku tarkistaa mun sotilaat Onks hyviä jos nostan tai....?

Anyone who has experience?

Translate: Would someone check if my soldiers(heroes) are good if I level up or…?

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Any advice about my hero’s :pray::pray:!:arrow_lower_left::arrow_lower_left: Photo

@Guvnor this one that I try to get some information about hero’s and more experience

Thats fine;

Just remember that the Forum Rules:

Hence why your thread has been moved to #foreign-languages (per OP title).

So I I can share at foregin language? Normally
Sorry I ask alot new here :pray:

As for your question it’s hard to provide any real guidance / advice without knowing what else there is to pick from.

Grimm is a very good hero. I have mine maxed with +15 emblems on him & use him on every Red Titan team.

Rigard is one of the best & most versatile heroes out there. Costume is only better.

Wilbur is awesome also. Great at giving your team surviability & longevity.

Little John is OK. Good in attack but not great on defence… too slow & squishy

Hu Tao is only really good in Tournaments… Not great in most applications as he doesn’t hit hard enough to warrent being slow…

Last question… Any gift out there somewhere that I can claim it like food or hero’s or anything… From here or fb page or website?


That sort of thing is strictly prohibited & I 100% would advise against going for any of those “offers” from sketchy sites…

There is only 1 official Facebook page for Empires & Puzzles (see verified blue tick):

What about melendor … It’s better to keep him?

Being clear. Keep all your 4 Star & 5 Star heroes. At least until you are what is called a “late game” player…

In fact, Keep your 3* heroes too until you’ve progressed.

Okei cool. I spend alot I got good hero’s so far … Any free space at ur alliance?

@Peratius? I didn’t get it . Lol u just replied my text :pensive:

When I answered your question it was in wrong category, that’s why I translated it, I don’t think you’d get many answers without doing it

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