Voice our opinions on 1.10 Release notes

*VIP Pass added.
*Get double builders, bonus daily gems and more with the new VIP Pass.
*Raid Arenas added.
*Reach higher Raid Arena for better loot from the Raid Wanted Mission Chests.
*New raid missions added. Unlock new avatars by winning raids. New Raid missions are available from Stronghold level 12 onward.
Balance changes:
*Slightly increased base stats of most event heroes
*Leonidas - special damage increased from 350% to 360%, special mana reduction increased from -25% to -40%
*Elkanen - special damage increased from 285% to 300%, health steal increased from 25% to 33%
*Lady Locke - full special skill damage done in 4 turns instead of 6
*Captain Sargasso - special damage increased from 325% to 335%, healing reduction increased from -60% to -75%
*Domitia - special damage increased from 375% to 390%
*Guardian Owl - special damage increased from 200% to 235%, damage increment per dead ally increased from 45% to 60%
*Alberich - mana recovery reduced 20%
*Guinevere - Dark defense reduced from 94% to 54%
*Ares - health regeneration reduced from 800hp to 720hp
*Thoth-Amun: Increased animation speed of minion attacks

Challenge Event adjustments
*Slightly increased difficulty of standard enemies in all Challenge Events
*Slightly lowered the difficulty of bosses in the Avalon Challenge Event
*Slightly adjusted score from time
*Added the option to examine Hero illustrations in detail.
*Added support for inspecting alliances from the player info view.
*Character special descriptions format changed.
*Increased the amount of hero teams from 3 to 5.
*Added a notification for network connection problems.
*Various bug fixes and smaller improvements.


Finally we could get another builder, we’ll know soon the terms.
I hope that it’ll be way better than skipping building times with gems.
The VIP pass intrigues me.

New content and rewards improvement for a win/win situation!

Buff to underused heroes & challange’s heroes, some hero will be more viable.

Nerf to overused heroes, they will still be dominant.

Harder waves to clear and easier boss to change the items “carpet bombing” strategy

QOL changes.


It’s a great update, big step in the right direction and shows the devs are listening. Sucks as an Ares owner to see the nerf, but I’ll deal, it’s 20hp/round.


@EmpiresPuzzles @Petri

^^^^^Everything else is ok!

My main concern is If you all gonna increase everyone to be better why nerf Alberich and Ares at all. This makes no sense! They are powerful but not insane like Guinevere. This makes players disappointed in pulling the one that got nerfed with their hard earned money. Everyone likes money but lets keep thing a bit fair. Alberich is already slow and making the thing that makes him at least playable slower. Like Why? His revive skill is the problem but is fine the way it is because it is a gamble a gamble many can agree that is okay is a sense. I can’t tell you how many times the revive skill didn’t revive anyone at all in 6 tries in a raid that in a sense is like Wu Kong misses you pray that when either skills fire off and it misses good and bad on either sides of the playing field. It makes sense that any boost skills have a miss chance of not working. Alberich is strong as he is everywhere, but not unbalanced. He doesn’t single-handedly crush teams like Guinevere does. Most of us can beat raid teams consistently with Alberich on defense. With Guinevere as is, if you don’t get a great board, it’s over.

If everyone gets nerfed to A then what no one hero will every be a A+? Games have Tiers of characters from strongest to weakest in each STAR tier but it’s the game breaking heroes that are bad. Alberich is not perfect and he is slow. If he was so op i would win every raid but no the game doesn’t work like that.

Nerfing things will only allow people to complain and nerf them even further and I don’t want that for anyone or any items but please schedule things better and hear out the Beta Testers before you push out Updates and Release Notes in the future.

So basically:

*Don’t nerf the heroes
Buff all other 5 heroes to match the OPs in power (hence bringing back the balance and de-OPifying the OPs without hurting the players)
Possibly slightly buff end-game content and 4 hero stats across the board to make sure the transition is still smooth and content as challenging as intended
*Don’t release more OP heroes - beta players WILL point out the issues, as they had with Guinevere, so it’s absolutely doable

Some of these words are from other people in Beta but mostly my words too. Sorry if I didn’t use everyone words as my main concern is Alberich and Ares. I like my Heroes and I’m sure everyone else likes their Heroes too whichever ones y’all have and don’t want them to be Weakened


I love all the changes!

To Resol: I don’t think it matters whether you nerf OP heroes or buff UP heroes. If someone want’s to cry that their OP hero is no longer OP they will do it either way(because alberich is just as much less OP if everything gets buffed to his level). Atleast this way we get to the middle ground and do not just raise the roof for power levels.

Also please excuse my liberal use of OP and UP, if it helps think every OP as A+ ^^


Hoping for alliance war also… Maybe another time :frowning:


Looks good, but anything can look good in theory. Until you interact with it, it is hard to say. I have lots of questions, that will be answered as soon as it is implemented. Looking forward to seeing how things change in the game.

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Every Game or Story have Tiers of strong and weak characters So NO!netps578f2ee4ddcee43ce697e71c631635b106a8ef06_hq595bff2f10d3a5ba165aabc59fed6de34ba780f5324ee

All good, but Leonidas should get a bit more dmg, like 400% or it should be changed from average to fast


I think we might have misunderstood each other :slight_smile:
I do agree there should be some differences on power levels

What I was trying to say was to your point about people complaining on nerfs.
My point is that people would still complain if heroes were buffed so that all would be on equal ground.
To take to your DBZ reference: People would be mad if Goku was nerfed to be equal to Yamcha, yes. But I say that people would also complain if Yamcha was buffed to the level of Goku, because then their Goku would no longer be OP :slight_smile:

Edit:Now that I read your original post the fifth time I realize the misunderstandin might have been on my end mainly :smiley:


okay thanks and lets enjoy the game. i can’t wait until they release 6* HEROES


Maybe I’m wrong but I think you may have misunderstood. You’re acting like they’re turning him into Guardian Owl. They’re not altering his initial mana charge speed, just slightly altering his ambient mana buff, which is already very minor as it is. His strong points, the revive and health regen are staying the same, the mana buff is his least potent skill and you’re barely gonna notice the difference. I’d be more annoyed if I was an Ares owner but even his adjustment isn’t mega, while Guinevere is arguably taking the biggest hit of them all with this update. It’s a fair trade-off to bring the disparity between many 5* heroes in line a bit, as there have been several threads on here lately asking for this. Your Alby is still gonna be excellent :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand what good beta testing is if heroes just get messed with after production. Most of these updates are to heroes that can’t be pulled from tc20 so they are mainly bought. It sucks for the person that sees the stats, spends a ridiculous amount of money to get the hero they want and then waits months for the mats to ascend them just to find they lose some of those stats. As little as the update may be to some they are changing a hero that has been paid for. That’s not right. Next time they should listen to beta testers before selling it.


no-one said make/made or nerfed him into the Owl which sucks anyways. And I have tested the nerf and not liking it one bit everytime the mana regen inch closer to full blast he gets demolished by the top Heroes and especially Guinevere keeps cutting the mana down. and u might ask why go against the top heroes and Guinevere it’s to test the effectiveness of the Heroes changes. So yes it does affect his strength and usefulness. Excellent he may be I’d rather he stayed the same from the beginning.

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it seems to be a schedule being unorganized. from what i hear from beta they push out the build already to googleplay and Ios Store and ask us beta testers to test. which makes no sense and sounds like a fake answer to me from one of the staff. so in general it sounds like schedule issue.

It’s fine that they try to address what which is an obvious challenge: That all top teams consist of more or less the same hero’s. If the changes are correct, I’ll be reluctant to say since I have neither of them. But as a player that meets them all the time, the changes do seem okay.

Also fine that some less used hero’s get a buff, but what about the arguably worst: Thorne?

And VIP-pass: what’s that? Something for elite spenders?

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I think the Vip pass let you have some advantages over the f2p players. Second builder, some daily gifts, more flags etc. Is not so bad if you have to pay once a month, hope they didn’t make a system of vip points that you gain buying gems or special offers like in other games. Like this they kill the free2play accounts.


That’s my fear.

20 char…

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Alliance Wars seemed to work well in beta testing. There are several layers of mechanics, though; we were only testing choosing foes, teams, battling and scoring. There’s also the piece of alliance matching. So it’s possible that AW will be along soon, but probably not next week.

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All we know from beta is that (a) you can have two buildings upgrades underway simultaneously and (b) every day you get 30 gems. They hint at “more”, and they haven’t announced pricing.

From my POV, the second builder isn’t worth much because I have all the important buildings maxed and am just upgrading farms now. So the value of a trickle of 30 gems/day is worth, hmm, about $9 bucks to me (900 gems at $1/100 for special pricing). Pricing above that mark will have to come with some interesting and as yet unannounced perks.


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