Vlad needs a buff

Considering he is an event hero, although with very fast mana and high Hp. His special skill is terrible

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True, his DoT lasts 5 turns and from 65 to 295 damage isn’t that high.
His utility could be good but on 3* tier heroes as Namahage and Balthazar are the overlords.

But I’m for an overall balance so not only him, as seasonal hero, needs buff.

See also:

  • Hawkmoon vs Belith
  • Dawa vs Karil & Isshtak
  • Nashgar vs Nahmage
  • Azar vs Rudolph

Wow, never thought I would hear about him again. I am not even sure what would make him playable. I fed mine a while ago so I am impartial.

I agree with OP.
He is useful though, for doing some cleanup in wars with Field Aid:

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I think vlad would be much more useful if he took off his cross necklace. I really think its cramping his vampire style, seeing as crosses directly block vampires from their full potential.

I didn’t see his name on the v20 buff…but maybe v21…

He is usefully annoying with FA.


@Mookie I moved this to #ideas-feature-requests so people can vote in support of it. :slight_smile:

No 3* heroes are on the current testing list, but I’m hoping they’ll get shown a little love at some point. :pensive:


With his Current SS, think any hitting 2 star will be way ahead of him… hope SG can consider buffing him

totally agree, Vlad’s special skill is just so underpowered. Valeria already got a buff to her damage, why not add some direct damage to Vlad’s skill too?

Yes. He is awful, even 2* Layla is stronger than him… Vlad is weaker than a minion

Fully agree. Vlad is terribly weak, even in comparison to already bad vanilla 3* heroes like Dawa, Isshtak, or Karil. I’m almost shocked to see so quite some people use Vlad in weekly tournament defs :laughing: (well, also happy because those teams are much easier to defeat)

There are quite some heroes who could possibly serve a small buff but can be fairly strong in some special occasions… on the other hand there are very very few who are that bad that they fall behind most or all heroes in virtually every possible situation of the game. Those heroes really need a buff. Vlad is one of them (Dawa and Margaret I’d add as well)

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Gonna say yes as I’ll be levelling one soon after g.bat as my dark is bad.
I could open my tc20 but that could also open another can of worms I don’t need!

Yes definitely need buff poor vampire drinks only ketchup

Just add some small direct damage as seen on Valeria and Victor.

Who cares for Vlad? :wink:
Ursena ate em all. :rofl:

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With the new family bonus of 5% mana bonus for vampires, Jack would help to increase mana speed so he can activate his special after 2 matches. For this to happen, Vlad has to get another 4% mana bonus from talent node. Rogue talent only gives him 2% mana bonus. This will encourage us to use Vlad and Jack on 3* tournaments and challenge events.

@Mr.Spock, please help me get this idea heard. I think its a good idea to make Vlad useful.

Vlad needs a damage buff to be useable. His DOT is hilariously terrible.


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