"Vivica's Super sale" should include Vivica avatar/hero/costume

I do think that a deal with Vivica’s name, should at least include it’s avatar. Also it would be nice to have one tier that you could get the costume and another one (probably for €100) to actually get the hero… Also it’s weird, not featuring darts…

FWIW, Vivica manga avatar is reserved only to players who have reached level 100. I do agree there should be a poison darts and mysterious orbs on the gem offer. But that’s that.


Fwiw, you can buy classic Vivica avatar when it appears in the avatar shop. I’m guessing it’s 1200 gems.

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Yup, “Vivica’s super sale” includes items totally unrelated to Vivica. Shown in a poster that looks like it came from Street Fighter.

Where is her dragon in that sale? And her necklace?? C’mon. I wanna buy original Vivica’s stuff for the gf.


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