The best to Titans atack and defense to Raid ! what do you think ?

They’re all such different heroes that it’s really hard to make a comparison. Greg is great vs. titans - definitely better than Zeline. However, Zeline is a beast on raid/war defense, and better for raid offense as well. Rana works really well on raid offense/defense, and is ok vs titans. Vivica is a healer, and you usually want at least one healer on raid offense/defense, so you should include her unless you have a better 5* healer. Again, it’s impossible to make a general recommendation for Vivica vs. Rana since they have completely different uses.

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Thnx Wharflord , me i have to green materials for ascend to stage 4 only for 1 hero :frowning: (Zeline or Gregorion)

My conclusion was that I used Zeline on my defense team even at 3/70, so I chose to ascend her. When I do level Greg, I currently see his primary use for me as just being for blue titans, so he has a lower priority. I’m not even sure he’d be my next pick for final ascension, but I want to level and play with him before making any decisions there.

My pick on the Vivica vs Rana question is to go for Vivica first. Healing and purification are too useful to pass up, and I already have Joon as a 5* attacker who works nicely in my teams. That’s my planned order after my current yellow project.

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