Vivica or Justice - Advice please

I have both at 3/70. Can ascend one. Cups are my main interest.
I need a tank. Tried bold, Li and sartana for mid tank, but i loose too much cups with them in tank position.
My Team: Maxed: sartana, lianna, Grimm, boldtusk, Li Xiu, Littlejohn,
At 3/70 Aeron and isarnia.
Versatility is vivica, Tank would be Justice. I really don’t know which girl to level…

I read already a lot about yellow 5* heroes. Justice is not rated very well. But i think she can mid tank better than viv can do.

If you feel unsatisfied with your current tank you can always level Justice first but I say Vivica because:

  • She is more useful for titans and can makes you gain more ascension items from them
  • Your team lack a defense buffer, team cleanser and a “fat healer”
  • Boldtusk can already do a nice job tanking

Justice as tank leaves me mostly in diamond (sometimes I fall to upper platinum). I don’t use her much otherwise, besides farming, I farm with my defense team, because I am lazy and my defense team farms pretty fast.

I am always near 2400 cups but overnight i loose 200 most of the time. Both will help here…
My Farm team is: Justice, Littlejohn, Aeron, isarnia and boldtusk
Raid offence/Defence Team: bold, Grimm, sartana, Li, lianna

Versatility definitely gives Vivica an edge. As a first 5* yellow I would go for what is useful in more situations. She can be put center with varying degrees of success too. I climb to 2600s a couple times a day but overnight will end up in low diamond (as most any team would). If you enjoy attacking for trophies as much as defending for them Vivica will be more useful to you.

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@2Spookd, have you compared Viv as a tank to Delilah? Sorry i am in a similar boat as whitey. But I got a 3/60 del. and a 3/70 Viv.

I think Delilah is slightly a better center defender than Vivica.

The only downside of Delilah is the lost time to minion attacks on Titans. Everything considered I think they’re on par overall.

Thanks… I was hoping to get a team that I would still be in diamond with when i woke up in the morning.

She‘s a very good tank . As you can see, she‘s not maxed (but soon) and do a excellent job. As for Titan. Since the update her minions works now faster. I use her on Titans, some time, just don‘t use her special and everything is fine.

@Whitey: I would prever Vivica. She’s way a better tank, than Justice. Just my opinion.

yes… we are in similar boats.


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Looks very well :slight_smile:

and what’s your experience with your line up?

It is good, keep that, or maybe you can try, Sartana tank (switch Marjana and Sartana or set Deli as tank, then Sartana and Marjana. I would try if this works.

And yeah, now i’m jealous of your 4* green troop. Don’t have a single one :confused:

I usually wake up between 2350 to 2450 cups…

I have alasie… once they are all 4/80… I will do a round robin of tanks and see what works the best.

I have Alasie too, and she’s going to replace Richard, if i have a another full set of scopes.

2350 - 2450 is a good result. Easy to get back in the diamond arena. Another reason also all your heroes not maxed. You will have a definitive experience, once all your heroes are maxed :muscle:

All your heroes are good for a tank, except Zeline, she’s on the left side on the right position.

Viv is NOT a better tank than Justice. Justice is the superior tank, but Vivica is more useful all around. 82 points of defense is a big deal and blind on a tank is better than heal/cleanse.

What Dante said…Justice is the superior tank, but Vivica is better overall.

I think i will go with vivica. Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:

I was in the process of leveling Justice but I just finally got Vivica today. I think Im going to start leveling her instead.

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