Vivica or Inari?

Vivica: I have 16 maxed 5* but only 1 healer… so it’s the most logical choice for war depth. But she’s slow. :frowning:

Inari: Unique hero and fun. And can be taken down to 9 tiles if I give her all my rogue emblems. But I’m not sure I need another control hero with Onatel, Hel, etc.

Decisions, decisions…

Vivica for offense on raids/wars and stacking. I’m sure you are not going to transfer emblems from Kunchen.

Inari for the defense team, but your emblems for her are with Domitia.

Vivica imo

Lol you answered your own question. Definitely need more healers. Vivica.

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Thanks for the feedback. Kind of surprised not more votes for Inari.

Bump … 20 chars…

Vivica :slight_smile:

I also have Musashi but I didn’t think he’d make the cut.

I gather Vivica… the logical but less fun choice… LOL.

It’s a game, so if you want to do Inari, go for it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to max Gobbler over a second Caedmon because that’s more fun to me.

And I’m maxxing my novelty 3* over other sensible things, because it’s a game

Whichever you choose, the other one isn’t gone, just delayed, so don’t have regrets.


My gut said Viv as well but I suppose you could make a case for Inari based on her tile damage and overall fun factor. Especially if you run into a lot of Kunchen tanks in war.

Same here, I’ve got Viv at 370 for very long time, tho I have the mats for 2 yellows now. I’m going Inari, for attack. I would not put her in my defense. I’ll keep skipping her, a d keep the darts for another yellow. Do note I have no 5 healer

Inari is awesome on titans, her tile damage is amazing and purple are my best by far since Jackal is maxed and emblemed (Inari gets none until Jackal is +20, Scarlett ate some too, tile monsters the three of them).

I had thought Inari would be in my regular teams but she has a bad habit of dying before firing. Emblems may eventually help her dodge some enemy specials, Rogue is a good class (has kept Jackal alive many times) as the skill is very, very useful. I do sometimes put her in the raid team because the dodge is so cool and her minions are evil little things (30% attack off of her amazing attack stat, got to love it). Little details that make the GAME more fun.

I want to like Vivica but haven’t managed it yet. Kunchen does it better and I find that if needing healing and another skill the 4* have the answers most of the time (clease, debuff, attack boost, defense boost, unless you need a Holy healer in which case Vivica is the only reasonably obtainable answer).


Vivica is my second 5 star holy hero after luckily pulling Drake last year. Stuck at 3/70, poison darts were served ahead to Drake, Onatel, and Joon. Currently having Justice from TC20, Rana and Inari, I am working to get both Rana and Inari both at 3/70 and from there will decide which of the two get another set of darts as I only currently have 9 of them. Vivica will still be by-passed and overtaken by Rana, Inari and Justice.

I don’t find much value of a maxed Viv since she has slow mana. The darts may be put to better use to other heroes (i.e. Delilah, etc.). Kunchen’s defense debuff on all enemies is far better than Viv’s defense buff on all ally heroes though both are slow healer-dispellers. If you want a 5 star healer, gun for Ariel, the best over-all healer of all in the current meta. And while waiting to get her, max several Rigards as he does what Viv can do, except the defense buff, but at average mana. Rigard is easier to obtain since he is a 4 star hero trainable at your training camps and is cheap to max. Be reminded that the resources in maxing a 5 star hero is equal to 2 four star heroes maxed. In order for Rigard to survive and be beefier, place some emblems on him. Some prominent players have several maxed Rigards in their inventory of heroes because of his usage. Who says it is mandatory to have a maxed 5 star healer in order for you to be victorious in wars and in raids?

Inari is like a defensive Wu Kong. Vivica will heal, dispel, and buff defense for the whole squad

Thanks all for the awesome feedback. Was offline this week camping.

I have a lot to think about… I’ll post back when I make up my mind.

I might just end up taking the FUN route… moving my emblems from Domitia to Inari, get her to +8 with the mana boost, and use my level 17 mana troop to have a semi-fast (9 tiles) super fun hero. I think making her fast makes Inari a lot more viable/powerful as she has a solid chance of firing off before enemies’ specials. Talking pure raid/war offense here; I’m not planning on using her on defense.

Inari is definitely fun, and helps me win a lot of raids. Just remember that it takes a lot of good timing to use her correctly; time her just before an enemy fires their special (you can hit them with tiles to make it happen faster). Practice with her and you will learn how to time her right.

and remember that Inari’s minions give the enemy mana when they hit the enemy (in raids and wars).

I have a lot of fun with her though. I like using her with fast mana heroes, and her minions make them fire more often.

You have a maxed talented Sabina, Kunchen and Boldtusk.
Maxed Kiril, Rigard, and Melendor.

I love Vivica, but as it stands you have enough healers to 6 teams in war.

I would probably go Inari :slightly_smiling_face:

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