Vivica or Drake Fong


Hi! This is my first time posting and I just want your advice.

I’ve been waiting for like three months for a 4-5* yellow hero. Two days ago I finally got Vivica at TC20. I started leveling her up until 1/45. The thing is today I pulled for an event hero (just in case) and I got a Greymane and Drake. So what should I do? Do I start with Drake or continue leveling Vivica? I find Vivica’s defense buff and cleanse quite useful, but I’m aware that I lack of hitters

My usual team is all maxed:

Sabina-Gormek-Kashhrek-Boril-Li Xiu

And I’m currently leveling up:
3/50 gravemaker, 3/13 caedmon and 4/29 Skittle

Also I’m thinking about starting to level up my 1/1 Tiburtus.

Thank you


I think that’s going to come down more to a personal decision as they’re totally different characters. I’m personally more excited about Event/HotM heroes, myself. Drake’s FAST special is more appealing to me than Vivica’s SLOW mana, but they both serve a purpose. I’d probably choose Drake.


Either will be an improvement over Li Xiu.

I agree that you’re currently lacking hitters, although you’re remedying that with GM and Caedmon coming up the path.

I’d probably still go Drake, at this point. Sabina is an excellent hitter and when lined up with maxed Kashrek and Boril that should be enough defense to slow everyone down.

I personally have Vivica and like her a lot, but I don’t have a fast Yellow 5*, either.


Drake is a fast potent hitter - If you want cups and hit hard go with Drake. I have Vivica too, and she is a bad defense hero - Drake is good for defense and offense.


I think you’re better off with Drake, you need a fast hitter vs another healer.


Definitely a personal choice.

With Vivica you can run
Caedmon - Tiburtus - Boril - Gravemaker - Vivica

With Drake you can run
Sabina - Boril - Kashrek - Gravemaker - Drake

They’re both good teams.