Vivica or Delilah tank position

Hey, i am in doubt who will be more efficient as tank on defense team, Vivica or Delilah?

Working on my defense team for raids.
I have faced delilahs and vivicas but viv gave more trouble, though lately i have been hassled by a few delilahs on raids

I got Zeline Natalya Perseus Joon and Panther almost to 3-70, and now will begin rising either Delilah or Vivica, and eventually get one of them as tank for my defense team, i have Rigard as tank now (also have Boldtusk almost maxed) but out of these 5* i think either Viv or Deli for tank. Recently got Khagan from a token but i think the Holy healers are better for tank.

Delilah is unique with her minions but i have been leaning on Viv for a few reasons:

Attack- only 5* to cure ailment, +63 defense and 44% heal is amazing, but slow mana manke her need to be paired up with fast mana heroes

Defense- tank she is a b… keeping everyone alive and giving extra defense, tough but she must be maxed to be efficient right? Otherwise Rigard is better than her at 3-70.

I havent had much experience with Delilah, though i know she is great for wars.
raids is what i love the most so i want a good defense team with the best tank i have available.
a couple more rings and i think i should ascend Joon first. But eventually Vivica and Delilah will be fighting for the next spot.

Between Viv Deli and Joon who to ascend first? Who should be in the tank position?
:eyes: looking for opinions :slight_smile:
Thank u all, good raiding, hope to steal some ham from u soon :wink:

Close call, but I’d lean towards Delilah. She’s average mana, vs Vivica at slow, and when she casts she adds all those minions with the extra HP. When Vivica casts, she’s going to be healing a largely unhurt team, so most of the Heal is wasted.


If i have to choose, probably i’ll go for Delilah.
Average mana and minions that can’t be dispelled or overwrite are better.

But honestly, i don’t like tank healers not named Ares or Gwin.


Thanks, i will be leveling her as it takes time and see how she fares!

You’re better off with Rigard or Bold probably tanking than Delilah at 3/70.

4/80 is where almost every 5* comes into it’s own; while I definitely agree with @Kerridoc in that Delilah > Vivica, just be mindful she’s not a great tank at 3/70.


I agree - Rigard or Tusk at 4/70 is a better option. A 3/70 corner Viv or Delilah may be a nice spot to get those specials fired while they still are alive.

Honestly though - I’m going to vote for Joon as you already have two tanky 4* that in my mind negate the benefit of a 3/70 5* tank and even at 3/70 a Joon special inflicts a ton of pain, plus the blind.

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Thanks, i will be happy to use the ascention mats and take Joon to fourth ascention! Delilah next up then Viv!
Wanna get a good defense team to hold some trophies!

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