Vivica doesn’t dispel allies

i got Vivica in my team against Wilbur when he use his special skills i use Vivica to dispelling my team from sharing the the damage but it didn’t work
and when i use Wilbur and sonya she dispels wilbus effects from enemy

Do you have vivica costumed?
The costume version doesn’t cleanse allies,she debuffs enemies.

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Shared damage is considered a buff, not an ailment. So Vivica’s cleanse will not remove it.


Shared damage is not an ailment. It is considered a buff, so Viv won’t cleanse that.

Sonya dispels buffs from enemies. Since shared damage is considered a buff, she will remove it from your enemies.


Viv will only cleanse the def down ailment of Wilbur.

After that damage sharing is an advantageous buff that doesn’t have to be removed.

You can strategically use it, since it’s the only buff dealt by the enemy and may help your team to survive longer.


Edited title for clarity. :slight_smile:


Totally forgot about that!

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