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since i’m struggeling with purple tanks i have choosen Joon for now. I had 8 darts. So 4 more and then i think vivica is next… i’ll start to bring her to 3.70 now (where my Guin is sitting as well)

Viv is the bomb. Only require a L1 mana troop instead of L17.
Make her average mana with a L23 troop & emblems or L28 no emblems.
Careful when you add her in RT or AW, defence. Costumes get locked and that is a real pain because sometimes you need the alternative

I don’t think I’ve gone back to using regular Viv since I got her costume a while back! She is so good, and I do not have her fully levelled up yet! :grin: I pulled my second Viv + Costume and will certainly be striving to ascend her as well!

I’m pretty sure to go from slow to average requires a 24% mana boost. The only way to get that with Costume Vivica is 15% troop + 5% class bonus + 4% emblem bonus. So you need her fully emblemed and a lvl 29 mana troop. I could be looking at old numbers somewhere though.

10 Tiles = 20% required

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Awesome, thanks. I looked it up elsewhere as the chart I have shows 24%. I found the accurate information where it shows 20%

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Magician Vivica fills a lot of holes in yellow’s arsenal and at a high quality too. She’s one of only two yellow defense down of the generic type (the other being White Rabbit), and she outclasses him there in terms of raw numbers. She is the only yellow dispeller (costume Vivica does NOT cleanse; she dispels!). She also offers a massive and immediate 44% heal which is only outclassed by Kashhrek.

She is definitely worth leveling and ascending.

But whether she should be prioritized over Joon depends heavily on your bench. That said, in a vacuum, Vivica is more useful whereas Joon, as a fairly generic sniper, can be replaced by other things. The only thing Joon has going for him is he’s the most effective offensive yellow hero, so he’d be better for color stacking. But Vivica of either type is an anchor to an entire team that you can build around. Joon is like the cannon; very important but easily replaceable by, say, another cannon.


Also think of mono stacking against purple titan combined with guardian jackal. She is as far as i know the only yellow def Debuffer so far ir am 8 wrong? Also basic good atk stats. Plus wu and you only need a few tiles to get awesome points. Without her i got 130k on one attack on titan with wu and jackal and with elemental and normal debuff… Woooho lets see. Just leveling costum and her together.

@MD-DC, thanks… i have chosen joon becaue i usually rerolled puple tanks… joon is now at 4.20 and i am able to take down e.g. Kunchens with some emblems (<10) now (joon is my 3rd yellow 5 star) which is fine… but vivica is the next candidate for darts… 4 more to come and then she will get them i think…
now i bring Viviva to 3.70 and wait for darts…

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Hey, what are the materials needed to ascend the costume to fourth tier?

All outlined in either of these two threads:

20 characters worth of thanks

@Guvnor you seem pretty passionate about costume Viv and I was lucky enough to pull her this last event.

Here’s my great debate. I currently have most at 19 emblems. Is it worth stripping them for viv?

Also how does she perform as a flank instead of a tank?

Depends largely on your options really :stuck_out_tongue:

She can perform OK in flank. Not brilliantly but OK. Healers typically are extremely situational on defence teams; prone to getting the timing wrong more often than not (i.e. the window where they are charged AND you need healing is pretty small).

Her main benefit/ annoyance on a defence team at tank is, like Kunchen, in the healing (predominately helping herself) and the defence debuff (which causes your flanks & wings to become more nightmarish).

Two other major benefits to Costume Vivica are:

  1. Mana bonus from costume bonus. At 5% it cuts the required mana troop by a lot (on offence it goes from a L17 -> L5 mana troop). On defence, this obviously provides a big incentive over Kunchen who is still stuck at Slow Mana :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Defence Debuff is much more effective than the survivability added by normal vivica’s defence buff. Reason being is that the defence debuff will help alllll your damage hurt more. minons, slash attacks, special skills etc… The Defence Buff from normal vivica is pretty meh in that it doesn’t really provide THAT much of a difference in the overall outcome.

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Greatly appreciated kind sir!

How does gm work if I shoved him out to wing instead of left flank? I might have a slot for costume viv if you think I could get away with gm and Sartana as wings.

Gm is one of only a few heroes who can work in just about any position on defence due to his high speed & damage.

Sartana is also an OK winger thanks (again) to her speed.

I would stick GM on left wing & Sartana on right.


Thank you so much! I think I know what team I will try to build then!

There. I fixed it for you.

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@guvnor when costume Vivica does her defense down does she also proc the 15% chance to reduce mana generation on all the enemies also?

Yes, but Sorcerer does only one target not all enemies, and sadly also only 1 turn (while in text it should be 2 turn).
Sorcerer Class Talent Duration Isuue

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