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Hi. I was looking for information about the costume of vivica in the forum and could not find much. In what position would you use it? What is your opinion of it? Is it a good tank? I intend to pull to get it but would like comments from people who already have it. Thank you

Tank is the best spot :slight_smile:

Costume Vivica = Kunchen essentially. Both are Slow Mana Healers with a defence de-buff affecting the other team.

I personally think that Costume Vivica is one of the best available Yellow Tank options… The costume form is much much better (IMO) than the normal form… Defence debuff on the enemy is more valuable than an ally defence buff (one is more passive, other is more aggressive)

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Hi @Guvnor,

do you think she is better than Guinevere?

i have Guinevere and Joon (both 3.70 because i still couldn’t decide yet) and just got Vivica with costume (no costume for Joon).

So you think she should go all the way ? max her, costume her, emblem her? (6 darts and plenty of magic orbs are available…)

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Personally I think Guin is the better yellow TANK. But costume Viv close close close 2nd

However, in saying that costume Vivica is far far far far far more versatile and useful than Guinevere… Guinevere is a defensive tank… That’s it… She’s not an offensive hero and doesn’t do much as a support…

Vivica costume on the other hand does a full team heal, and a cleanse and gives a defence debuff… All wins imo for offence raids. Only downside is the mana speed (slow vs. average)

So yes, I personally think that for the sake of versatility, Vivica costume is a better investment than Guin.


Yes, Vivica costume is more versatile, I consider her an A+ hero.

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Hi @Guvnor,

and would you ascend Vivica before Joon? last time i asked between Guinevere and Joon and still haven’t decided…

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Depends largely on the rest of the heroes you have…

Joon = powerful sniper
Vivica = powerful utility.


Joon is one sniper on an attack team.

Viv anchors one attack team.

I maxed Viv even though I don’t have her costume. To put in perspective, I have Joon costume but he’s sitting 3/70.

Magic viv with lvl 29 mana troop = deadly.

That is all

Well, I was levelling Joon and just got Magician Supreme Vivica, and in my case I am going to level her and her costume first. However, she is my sole healer and I already have fully leveled Sartana, Magni and Gregorion (yeah, he’s not fast, but still), so for you it may be different.

Not that I’ll be able to achieve it anytime soon but I realize Costume Vivica and lvl 29 Mana troop makes her average speed. That makes her even more awesome.

Was lucky enough to pull her today.

Congrats! I’m suitably jealous haha… my only chance now is the last 5 keys I’ll get for completing the quest… then waiting until she is next featured.

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Thanks and good luck. I’ve been on one of those streaks with well over 150 pulls and nothing. Finally decided to ascend Leonidas and I pull Joon and Vivica. Go figure. Need lots of darts now. Wish it had been Joon’s costume too but I can’t complain with my luck.


since i’m struggeling with purple tanks i have choosen Joon for now. I had 8 darts. So 4 more and then i think vivica is next… i’ll start to bring her to 3.70 now (where my Guin is sitting as well)

Viv is the bomb. Only require a L1 mana troop instead of L17.
Make her average mana with a L23 troop & emblems or L28 no emblems.
Careful when you add her in RT or AW, defence. Costumes get locked and that is a real pain because sometimes you need the alternative

I don’t think I’ve gone back to using regular Viv since I got her costume a while back! She is so good, and I do not have her fully levelled up yet! :grin: I pulled my second Viv + Costume and will certainly be striving to ascend her as well!

I’m pretty sure to go from slow to average requires a 24% mana boost. The only way to get that with Costume Vivica is 15% troop + 5% class bonus + 4% emblem bonus. So you need her fully emblemed and a lvl 29 mana troop. I could be looking at old numbers somewhere though.

10 Tiles = 20% required

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Awesome, thanks. I looked it up elsewhere as the chart I have shows 24%. I found the accurate information where it shows 20%

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