Vivica costume or Ariel. Who gets the emblems

My current defence team is zeline 17 alasie 14 kunchen 17 GM 16 joon costume 14.

I have Kingston 11 with 240 emblems waiting
Inari 7
Aegir 14
Zim 16
Lotl 14

Zeline will be replaced by Kingston, Alasie will loose emblems to Finley when I got a telescope.

Current tank in alley dark. Costumed Joon is best yellow currently.

Ariel is the best healer in game. But isn’t costumed vivica better?

My blues: Ariel Alasie 14 Arthur 1 Aegir 14 Miki Isarnia and Magni
My yellows: Delilah Vivica Joon 14 Inari 7 Rana Fong and Ranvir.

My vote would be for costume Vivica.

She’s a tank to be feared… Ariel, while great, doesn’t compare imo and can function in raids etc… Without emblems.

Tagging @KLinMayhem cause he has an AMAZING costume Viv tank… Runs it for both raids and war defence.

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Shes done pretty well for me with my supporting cast


What does her card look like at +19?

Vivica dropped with costume in last event. Would you recommend emblem her for emblem path or normal path? Have not compared if there are diferences between.

■■■■ impressive stats.

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